10 Tips to Battle Seasonal Sadness

Seasonal Sadness Flourishing Hope Counseling

10 Tips to Battle Seasonal Sadness

This time of year is filled with family gatherings, smiles, gift giving and way too many helpings of food. This is also a time of year that can be completely dreadful for some people. Feelings of sadness, depression, grief, and anxiousness along with a host of many other feelings sometimes rise to the surface. The feelings of depression during the holidays are also known Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This post will share more insight into SAD and also give some tips on how to handle depression and anxiety during the holidays.

Reasons and causes for SAD

Many times people will want to hide until the season passes. Others anxiously count the family gathering and outings they must participate in until things are finished. People may express feeling trapped by family commitments. There are many things that can cause a person to experience these types of issues. Sometimes the stress from the holiday season can be more than some people can handle. Other times the fatigue from entertaining and the over engagement of activities can be overwhelming. Some people find themselves caught up in the major push for shopping and spending. Financial stressors can increase due to lack of money or the pending concern of overspending. With spending as a factor, the bills that come after the holidays can also be concerning. Family is a big factor can contribute both negatively and positively to seasonal depression issues. Some people like the idea of being around a host of family and friends. The idea of being around family for an extended period of time may make others anxious. Still, others find themselves saddened by not having the opportunity to be with family and friends. All of the things can promote feelings of depression and anxiousness.


When will this all be over?

When there are increased feelings of depression or anxiety people will sometimes find themselves thinking “I can’t wait for it to be over already.” The “it” could be so many things and of course the holidays in general. These feelings of depression and anxiety happen for some people every year around the winter months. Some people are familiar with the term Seasonal Affective Disorder while for many others this may be the first time of them hearing about it. Some people would rather avoid the uncomfortable situations altogether and not participate at all. Others anxiously wait for the holidays to past. It can help knowing what has been causing that little twinge in their side for the past few years.

Tips for coping with (SAD)

  1. Helping someone else out, many times giving back takes our mind off of ourselves
  2. Get more exercise and having a healthy diet, this doesn’t not mean swear off sweets completely around the holiday times, that might not be the best idea at all
  3. Practice gratitude look for what you do have to be thankful for, not just focusing on the material but an overall quality of life perspective
  4. Bundle up and get more sunlight, possibly sunlight therapy
  5. Have an escape route or exit plan if you need an out from being a party longer than you would like
  6. Remember the power of saying no if you need a break or prevent overcommitting remember it’s okay to graciously bow out
  7. Have a to-do list of activities and prioritize it
  8. Practice being mindful, recognizing where you are and what you are doing at that present moment
  9. Track your spending habits to prevent overspending
  10. Set a budget limit

Bonus tip:

Limit your alcohol intake this can increase unhealthy feelings and thoughts and increase symptoms of depression.



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