2 Questions That Can Change Your Life

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2 Questions That Can Change Your Life

Without knowing it we are constantly taking in information. This information gathered is then filtered through our hearts and minds. All of this produces feelings and ideas that cause us to behave in various ways. When we interact with others both professionally and personally we are presented with opportunities to build up or tear down others. We are also given chances to learn and grow or to stay stagnant in our current situation. By becoming more aware of our feelings, ideas and actions we can choose to behave differently. We can choose to become more of the person we want to be. The two questions that will change everything for you are:

  • How is this hurtful?
  • How is this helpful?

In asking these two questions it allows us to think before we act. Each question presents different consequences for the people involved. Consequences sometimes associated with a negative image can also mean reaping the rewards of something more positive. Many times we are reactionary instead of preventive. This being said a reaction is still had after the questions are asked, it simply encourages one to think more expansively before responding which can enrich and nurture relationships rather than being destructive. We can all get what we want or need when we think more clearly before we act. This can be used with everyone and in every situation. The challenge is the practice of taking a reflective moment to gather ourselves before we respond. This pause will allow for the opportunity to avoid the discomfort with wishing we had acted or said something differently. Keywords to remember in this is practice and pause. We must practice actively making this change in order to become good at it. We must learn to create a pause in our reactions so that we respond differently. I love these questions because they can be applied to everything. Below you will find I have expanded them a bit and added a few more examples where the questions can be applied. Additional application:

  • How is this helpful/hurtful to me?
  • How is this helpful/hurtful to the company?
  • How is this helpful/hurtful to my family?
  • How is this helpful/hurtful to my relationship?

I encourage you to become more aware of yourself and your perceptions. Think about situations in which you have acted in a way that you are proud of. Create more of those moments! Now think about a situation in which you could have responded differently. I challenge you to more be helpful to yourself and others. How will you be different?



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