Discover 8 Tips for Being More Grateful

Flourishing Hope Counseling Discovering 8 Tips for being more Grateful

 Discover 8 Tips for Being More Grateful

More than likely when reading this article it is not Thanksgiving and a copious amount of food is not on the table. Let us be mindful that every day can be an opportunity to practice gratitude. In this piece, you will learn where gratitude comes from, what happens when it is activated and tips on how to practice gratitude.

In taking steps towards experiencing gratitude and a positive change of life we must first explore where gratitude comes from. How we view our life experiences play a large role in how we practice gratitude. Our appreciation and acceptance of ourselves, others and life events also contribute to our ability to be grateful. It is interesting how two people can watch the same movie and gather two totally different points of view. It does not mean one is right and the other is wrong or one is better than the other. It is simply that person’s unique interpretation of the event. We can see the challenges as opportunities to grow or we can view them as things that can potentially knock us down.We must pay close attention to how we view circumstances in life that happen to us.

Acceptance is key. Life in itself brings many challenges and opportunities. It is helpful to learn to embrace and accept the experiences for what they are. Once you accept the situation for what it is you can start to evaluate how you will manage it. Each situation can be looked upon as an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves. We can also learn more about situations and those around us. It can also be a chance for us to be stretched in new directions. An event for us to grow exponentially that might not otherwise have been possible. Perception and acceptance work together to help us be more grateful.

When gratitude is activated everything has the possibility to change. The way we think can be positively changed, which in turn can change the way we feel. When we choose to change how we feel we ultimately change the way we behave. The word change sometimes taken in the wrong context can be perceived as a bad thing. Change can be great and bring great rewards. Making this transformation to be more grateful adds tremendous quality to your life. It is quite possible to gain:

  • Improved view and attitude towards yourself
  • Enriched view and attitude towards others
  • Openness to experiences and situations
  • Acceptance of present moments
  • Greater quality of relationships
  • Positive environments
  • Improved ability to handle emotions
  • Brighter future.

All of this has the potential to lead to more gratitude and positive change in our lives. It does not mean that you will jump out of bed and experience everything going exactly your way 100% of the time. It does mean that by becoming more aware of yourself and your thoughts can positively impact your level of gratitude. You can change your behavior and attitude. You can be more grateful!

Now it is time to take action and learn how to practice activating gratitude below you will find 7 tips to improve your gratitude.

 8 Tips for Practicing Gratitude:

    1. Writing it down -Ask yourself what you learned from today – Take a moment and reflect over what you learned from the day that you did not know before. Every experience that we encounter can teach us something new about ourselves and others.
    2. Reflect over the day – Think back over the day and remind yourself of the moments in which you acted in a way that you are proud of. Remind yourself of accomplishments from the day.
    3. Answer the question – What have I been taking for granted, remember that if I did have or experience this thing I might not be who I am or where I am.
    4. Take stock of what you do have – Of course, we may tend to think of the material things but dig deeper, friendships, relationships, connections, and experiences.
    5. Look at the little things – Take stock in the little things.
    6. Think of a positive interaction from the day –friendships, relationships, fellowshipping the nice person in the grocery store, a shared smile between you and another passerby.
    7. Volunteer -When we step outside of our own situation and take a moment to help someone else we experience a change of attitude.
    8. Create a list – Make a list of past accomplishments and add to it. This can help you to be mindful of good things that have happen in the past and give hope to future possibilities.



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