3 C’s to Improve Your Marriage

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Does it ever seem like you and your partner fight about everything? In this post, you will learn key tips to improve your relationships quickly. Increase your comfort level, improve the quality of your overall life and connect with one another in a whole new way. Use these tips to decrease arguing and connect more intimately. Let’s jump in!


As corny as it sounds communication is key. I believe I say this almost every day. This is true if it’s a friendship, co-worker, roommate, long-term relation and especially a marriage. You must do this very special thing! If you do not communicate with one another you will struggle. How can you move forward if you do not know where you are going? Don’t just talk to the person but talk with them. Listen to them and then listen some more. You can hear words coming from the person’s mouth but still no truly grasp the message. Listen to the concerns of the person. Communication helps you achieve common goals. Restate the message you heard to see if you are both clear about the concerns being shared. Communication helps you tackle problems, no matter how big or small.


We must be willing to “meet in the middle”. A compromise is a wonderful tool for improving your marriage. When people compromise everybody wins. When there is a concern or issue come with an open heart and mind. Change your mindset. Move from “give me what I want” to “lets’ work towards a solution”. Making this change will make you both happier. Meet in the middle and move forward. The more you practice this skill the better you both become. Healthy marriages are ones where both people win. Be open to connecting and commitment to progress, rather than problems.


Actively practicing compassion for one another increases the happiness in your marriage. When you give each other grace to be human, you experience life for all it has to offer. Compassion for one another allows you both to grow. Compassion can come in many forms. Some ways you can show compassion for one another is by having sympathy, being charitable and tender. When you show this level of gentleness with someone your marriage changes. When you help to remove the pain or discomfort that your partner has you are practicing compassion.
Examples of compassion:
  • Being kind
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Help relieve a pain or discomfort
  • Choose your words wisely when talking
  • Acknowledge how the other person may feel
I always have to add a little something extra:
When you practice making these healthy changes your trust will grow. What a wonderful way to move forward. When you know you can trust that special person in your life possibilities are endless. Often we do or don’t do certain things out of fear. As your trust grows your communication, compromise and compassion increases. It creates this warm fuzzy place on the inside that allows you to grow together quite nicely. When we practice these wonderful skills you can soar! You become unstoppable!
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