3 Habits to Jump Start Your Fantastic Week


If your days have been going by in a blur and you feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants this post is just the thing you need to put some structure back into your life and start having a productive week. As a wife, sister, employee for a university,  business owner, gardener and so much more there are tons of responsibilities that come my way. Find out what I have done and simple things you can do to get on track.

Clean Sweep = Clean room – clean mind

Getting a jump start on turning things around in your life has a lot to do with your environment. When we sit down to study some of us like a pretty neat organized area free from distractions. We can do this same thing with other areas of our lives. We may need to do a clean sweep of some of the toxic friendship and acquaintances in our life. That means letting go of some close unhealthy connections to make room for new healthy ones. We must make room in our lives for healthy contacts. Sweep away the negativity in our hearts to make room for the good. We must open our minds to possibilities. Create a space within ourselves for the goodness to take root.


Prepare for the week ahead

  • Schedule activities don’t just fly by the seat of your pants.

  • Consider a few things as you prepare for the week ahead:

  • Think about your commitments according to your energy level

  • Consider the amount of effort it will take to complete a task or participate in an event

  • Review time required to complete the task

  • Schedule in some fun activities, not just necessary commitments and responsibilities.

 Quick tip:

Pick out your clothes early for the week ahead.

Instead of waking up at the last minutes after 3 snoozes to scramble into the closet and through something on Those of us that live in Texas know that it can change by the hour to do the best you can.


Meal prepping

A healthy jump start means taking in healthy nutrients. With the meal prepping craze that has taken over it may be a great time to check out a few services and see if it is right for you. A more economical way to get this ball rolling is planning your own menu for the week. Sometimes making these simple changes not only saves time but keep a little more green in your pocket instead of grabbing fast food.

  • Cook a few things on Sundays

  • Make a few larger dishes that you can carry over into the next day (if you don’t mind leftovers)

  • Prepare simpler meals on days you know you will be super busy

Bonus Tip!  

Deadlines and dates

Jump-starting your turn around can also begin with becoming a respecter of time. We all have those friends that we say we want together with but never set a date and so weeks and months go by before you pass that person in the grocery store or see them on Facebook with the same comment of we need together. Make it happen jump start that turn around by taking intentional action. When we set limits and boundaries for ourselves we are teaching others to do the same for us.

  • Set realistic goals/deadlines to knock out task

  • Have set dates for meetings and gatherings.



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