3 T’s to Nurturing Yourself

3 T's


Tips for how to reconnect with your treasures

  • Defining happiness for yourself
  • Start considering what matters most to you and bring that back into your life
  • Go after it what fills your spirit
  • Find your resources (family, friends, faith, etc.) practice using those things to propel yourself forward


Use your talents. Do not spend all of your days worrying about what is wrong. Consider your talents and use them. Focus on growing your abilities and strengths. Step away from the negativity and turn to something more positive. Use your talents to increase your happiness, by engaging in and sharing your talents with others. Many times when people are doing something positive for others and helping others it uplifts their own mood.

 Ways to discover talents

  • Remember what you are good and integrate it into your life
  • Practice things you are good at
  • Share your gifts with others
Learn something new that you have been curious about.In order to take care of ourselves, we must first become aware that there is an issue. If you find that you are not reaching fulfillment in your present life circumstances instead of continuing to complain about it DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I do not mean to shout. Actually, I do, this message is to urge you to whole heartily make positive changes. The importance of making this major shift is urgent. What we feed will grow. If we plant seeds of negativity, desperation, and dissatisfaction that is what our harvest will be. Today is a new day, plant new seeds, reap a bountiful harvest of satisfaction and happiness. Start fresh, start new and of course start today!



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