4 Bite Size Tips for Creating Family Harmony

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4 Bite Size Tips for Creating Family Harmony

Thanks for stopping to read this blog post. Read below for tips on how to create a more harmonious family. Have your children to think critically and have more family structure. Do all this amazing stuff and also set a great example. After your done don’t just keep it to yourself share this resource with others! 

Give them a Choice

We all like choices, it gives us a sense of freedom. So instead of a lot of because I said so’s how about sprinkling in a few what would you like to dos? Offering the children a choice between two options. No extras! This helps them learn decision-making skills. It also gives them a sense of autonomy. I’m not saying just any old choices, of course, two choices you feel are appropriate and healthy to make. Try some simple math the child gets something they want + you get something you want = a more harmonious family setting. Yes, you can rock that out!


Create a Plan

Have a routine. Creating healthy habits and traditions followed within the family gives the family more order. It helps to have a routine that the family follows, rather than flying by the seat of your pants all the time. Have a family weekly schedule. Even though children like most adults would love to do what they want to do all the time. This structure creates structure and standards for the family to operate better. It helps to know what is expected every day and cuts down on the chaos.

Be Flexible

I know I just said have a plan but we all know stuff happens! So it’s important to be flexible.
If things don’t work out the way you plan don’t freak out. Life happens and sometimes things get in the way. The special outing or activity you planned just may go awry. No need to fret! Children follow the lead of the parents. If you are calm and adjust to the situation they can learn to do it too. Lead by example and be a shining light.
Think about the kid in the grocery store acting out. Those children learned those behaviors from somewhere. Be the best real model for your child.

Say Yes Sometimes

Find opportunities to say yes instead of always saying no. Not only is it about having a plan, creating options and being flexibility but say yes sometimes. Many times children do things and don’t ask because they fear the dreaded NO response. Add some yes answers in there. Be generous. If you have to say no, of course, do it. If possible at times follow up with a “you can do” and provide another option.
Once the children are improving when they ask for something throw it back to them with the options part. Return with a “what are two healthy decisions you can make?” Help them learn to think critically about things.


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