4 Quick Changes to Start Loving Yourself More

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There are so many benefits to loving yourself. You become a happier person. You become more optimistic and experience more joy. A greater sense of thankfulness about yourself and the world around you awakens. Loving yourself helps you to make clearer decisions and become more stable in life. Being able to love and accept yourself changes everything you do and everything around you. Sometimes people feel weird about feeling good about themselves. Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you become conceited. It does mean you are concerned about yourself, your wellbeing and your happiness. Loving yourself means you have a greater sense of appreciation for who you are and your needs. When you take care of yourself you are able to be and give your very best.

Choose to see the good

Pay attention to what is going well in your life. It is super easy to look at everything going wrong. Look for the good that is happening to and around you. Once you find the goodness focus on it and don’t lose sight. When we turn our attention to the positives our perspective begins to change. Seek small ways to find acceptance of yourself and others. Search for the good in every situation. Instead of spending tons of time thinking about what is wrong.

Practice being more flexible

Give yourself a chance to bend a little bit. When we live by the principle “my way or the highway” we often find that we become stranded. It helps to bring people into your circle of trust instead of trusting everyone out and away from you. Being more flexible will allow you to bend to the ever-changing circumstances that will happen in life. Losing the rigid way of thinking frees you up to receive the goodness that happens in life when we adapt.

Stop ruminating over the mistakes

It goes without saying that in life you will make mistakes (everyone does). When we hold onto the mistakes that we make forever it causes great sadness and sorrow. Give yourself permission to be human. Remember that it is okay to be imperfect. If you make a mistake stop, learn from it and make a better choice next time. It does no good to continue to focus on the time when you dropped your meal in the cafeteria in the 3rd grade. Yes it happened it may not have been your most shining moment but there have been other great moments, where you totally rocked it! Practice forgiving yourself and moving forward.

Have a bit of color in your life

Instead of just seeing things from a black or white point of view add more colors. Sometimes things will make you blue. You may feel as bright as a yellow sunrise. You can feel love like a magenta red. Other times things are foggy and unclear gray. When you use all the colors in your palette you will find that your life can be so much brighter. Being able to adjust to the different changes in your life helps you to grow as a person. This growth can improve your relationships with others. When people stop the negativity in their life they open the windows to greater happiness.

Action step

I challenge you to choose one of these tips and start practicing it daily. It may be hard at times, remember the benefits of making the changes and keep going. You can do great things! Give yourself permission to try. The only way we experience goodness is by jumping in and trying. Love yourself and be good to yourself.


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