8 Tell Tale Signs You’re in Need of Rescuing

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8 Tell Tale Signs You’re in Need of Rescuing

Recently I had a conversation with a friend in regards to some new projects and ideas I want to create. My friend mentioned they also had a list of projects they wanted to complete. They had one particular project in mind for several years, yet they had not taken the time to plan it out. The person participated in several events and helped out with several organizations. They had a list to do list a mile long. On the outside, they appeared to be the embodiment of a committed citizen in the community. With all the volunteering and commitment the person may be considered a rescuer. In thinking about how much the person had done in life yet they still had not done that one major thing that mattered to them the most made me think.

What if the rescuer is the one in need of rescuing?

Committing so much to some many tasks can make people become distracted from what really matters the most to them. Someone may be struggling and not even know it because they have not given themselves a chance to slow down. Some people like the fast lane, it keeps things going. Fast and furious for some is the way to go. Truth is NOT everyone likes that speed. Others find that being on the go all the time is seriously overwhelming.
I could be speaking of someone you know that is overly committed and always flying by the seat of their pants. It is quite possible I am speaking of you. Learning to have a better hold on what’s important to you can improve the quality of your life so much.

How to spot a rescuer in need of rescuing:

  • Disorganization – A possible sign of a rescuer in need of rescuing is the person’s workspace or living space is very disorganized.
  • Over-committed – They tend to be overly dedicated members of several organizations, conflicting projects, fundraisers, and ideas.
  • Thinking cap is always on –Rescuers in need of rescuing think a whole lot. In most cases, this is not a bad thing. They may think so much that they miss out on the wonderful moments happening right in front of them.
  • Lack of focus –Having a flood of ideas to make changes are wonderful. Rescuers are creators. They want to make a difference. The challenge is pointing those good ideas in a structured direction and making it happen.
  • Generous – You may be shocked to find this on the list. Yes, you’re seeing correctly, too much of anything can be a bad thing. A rescuer is truly a helper with a heart of gold yet they struggle to take time for themselves. Rescuers may feel very emotional committed to the task, it can become a chore as opposed to a labor of love.
  • Unfinished business -A list of unfinished projects follow this person around. They may find there are many to do list flying about their head or gathering around their toes waiting to be finished. People that overly committee can become mental, emotional and physically drained.

Time waits for no wo(man). What are you going to do with it?

  • Broken connections -Having so many projects that the time needed to make lasting relationships may be broken. Rescuers may find that they have many superficial relationships because they are not investing the time to truly establish authentic connections.
  • Ineffectiveness -Those that try to rescue the world may find they are not as effective as they would like to be. Doing too much and not respecting limitations can make for unfavorable results. If there is too much on the plate there may not be enough if you go around and somethings will be left undone or unfinished.

Too many irons in the fire leave too much room for things to get burned.


Benefits of refocusing:

  1. Create mental stability
  2. Save time
  3. Improve your quality of life
  4. Feel better emotionally
  5. Be less overwhelmed
  6. Become more effective
  7. Gain freedom
  8. Have an improved direction to move forward

Begin the rescuing process

Work smart! There are many great ways to become a rescuer in recovery. By no means am I saying not to have a sense of commitment to projects and activities. I am simply saying be intentional and strategic in your endeavors. Have plans, goals, and direction.
The first step is admitting you have a problem I (state your name) ______________   am a rescuer in need of rescuing.

What to do

Create a to-do list. This list should contain a manageable amount of items. Try a list for the week. Structure this list by putting most important at the top and least important items at the bottom. Add a reward to the bottom for completing the task. Start the list again the next day and follow up with what you have not completed.
If you find that this information was helpful I dare you to share it with someone else. Help them recover from rescuing everything and everyone.


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