8 Ways to Improve Your Mindfulness Habits at Work

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After reading a great post by Lindsay Holmes about 12 Mindless Office Habits That Are Secretly Making You Unhealthy. I had to share how we can transform those unhealthy habits into something more mindful and rewarding.
Holmes mentioned how work life could be draining and cause even more problems for our health. She is right; many times we are not aware that we are even doing these things.
As a counselor I felt the need to share some great ways to rally against these unhealthy habits. Becoming more mindful of what we are doing and how it affects us is half the battle. The other part is doing something about it.
Read more to unlock great tips to start practicing more mindfulness at work.

1. Get those zzz’s

Yes we all may want to watch that last episode on Netflix or scroll social media sites a bit longer. Think of that lovely morning heading off to the office to knock out all types of task, meeting and to do list. To be more effective it begins with getting enough sleep the night before. This isn’t the past of when you could get by on 4-5 hours of sleep (although many of us still try) and just keep going throughout the day.

 2. Start off with a good breakfast

Give your body some energy to fuel you throughout the day. If your day is packed like mine taking those extra few moments to grab a healthy hearty breakfast can go a long way. Try prepping your breakfast the night before and if you are up for a challenge pack your lunch too!

3. Leaping out for lunch

Speaking of lunch, instead of leaping out the office door and racing to the nearest fast food restaurant try making your lunch at home. Studies show that eating home cooked meals helps cut down excess sugars and sodium intake. If you bring your lunch to the office head to the break room and partake in some healthy conversation with coworkers and your meal. I’ve even gone so far as to buy lunch bag size spoon knives and forks to help make the lunch feel more like at home.

4. Watch that posture

Pay attention to your body. Remember to sit up straight. We have all heard about how body language speaks volumes. Consider how slouching affects our attitudes and approach to work. Consider how slouching maybe perceived in the workplace. Some of us may like to lounge around on the couch on the weekends, however office lounging is not helpful on so many levels.

 5. Get up off that thang

Many times sitting is a part of the job nevertheless it can cause great difficulties. Not only is sitting causing you not to get your 10k steps in. Sitting too much can keep you at the bottom of your fitbit list and can decrease productivity and energy level. This is all the more reason to become more aware of our bodies. Treadmills desk, walking meetings, taking breaks and going for a walk around the building are all great ways to get a few more steps in. As a counselor I do more than my fair share of sitting.

 6. Put your phone away

Put your personal cell away and focus in on one task at a time. Not only are we tempted to look at other none work related items and post about how things are going during the day. This change of putting the phone away allows us to become laser focused. Instead of responding to every text message, notification and social media uproar you can focus in and knock out those task associated with work for the day.

 7. Take sick days –mental health days counselor speak

Yes I said it. Take those sick days. Contrary to some professionals taking a day off here and there can actually be very beneficial. It does not mean that you have power work ethic more so you have more self-care skills. Using counselor speak a mental health day (sick day) is a wonderful way to reenergize. Take that time to do somethings not related to work at all and just spoil yourself. If you are one of those unfortunate ones that have their work place email on their cellphone turn off the notification. Do not check it. Whatever is there can wait until you return. Go for that morning walk you never get to do, eat a nice comfort breakfast, splurge on a mid-day  massage.

 8. Unplug at home

Do not run straight home from one keyboard and screen to another. Take time to relax. Sit on your porch and listen to nature or watch the clouds go by. Listen to music while cleaning, read something non-work related. Enjoy the silence. Just do something different not related to technology or work.


Bonus: Just breathe

Breathe, this is one of the most valuable tips I can urge you to do. Just try it, I dare you. I typically share with people the obvious fact of how this is something we all are doing many times most times without any thought. Become aware of your breath and breathing. Feel the air coming into your lungs and body and sensation as it is gently released. Taking a few quick moments to breathe deeply can change your life.



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