Fantastic Ways to Be More Assertive

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Are you tired of people walking over you? Do you ever feel like people are disrespecting you? You might not feel so good about yourself or frequently doubt yourself. There are all signs that a change in your assertiveness needs a boost. Here are great tips to kick-start your assertiveness skills.


Build your self-esteem, self-confidence

Being able to accept yourself for all that you are is a key part of making healthy changes in your life. Learning to love yourself for all that you are and all that you are sounds so corny, however, it is so very true. Taking time to know more about yourself will help you to stand firmly in your truth.  How you think about yourself impacts how you feel about yourself and what you do and allow to be done to you. I am by no means saying kick over a chair and say “I’m not taking this crap anymore”. I am saying being able to appreciate yourself will help you overall in being assertive. Know yourself and what you stand for.


Set healthy boundaries

You are responsible for your own happiness. You teach people how to treat you. If you have been walked on today is the day to put a stop to it. Setting healthy boundaries creates healthy space. Boundaries are not a bad thing. They create limits. When you set a limit it can increase your feeling of safety and security. It is also an act of self-compassion to not allow any and everything into your life. This means saying no or no thank you. In the beginning, saying not can feel uncomfortable and rude however it can be a wonderful way to say yes to yourself.  This prevents you from continuing in unhealthy environments, negative-self, relationships and other unhealthy happenings.


Be willing to compromise

You may be thinking how does willingness to compromise fit into assertiveness? It’s not just about saying what you want but working with others. Comprise is essential in assertiveness. Once you grow in your confidence it becomes easier to assert your feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Comprise is the next step in assertion. Being able to assert your thoughts and work cooperatively with others improves relationships. This healthy change helps you stand up instead of being walked over.


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