Advantages of Embracing Change



Change is a word many people shy away from at all cost. The very idea of having to start again stops some people in their tracks. After reading this post you will not be in that category. Learning how to embrace change is a must for positive growth. Don’t live in the shadows of your giants. Don’t let fear prevent you from making positive change. Live in the fullness of your hopes and dreams. Read on to discover ways to practice embracing change.

Keep openness to experiences

When you are open to experiences you gain so much more out of life. You become the person you have wanted to be. You achieve the goals you set for yourself. You live the life that you want. Openness to experiences allows you to learn so much about yourself and the world around you. Be open to the experiences life has to offer. Embrace change even when it’s scary. It means you are alive and you are growing. Welcome adventure into your life. When there is a healthy opportunity take it. When you might be shaking on the inside do it. Don’t just sit on the side, jump in the deep. Click To Tweet

You need to cut it

Let go of negative thinking. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Let me break it down. When you have negative thoughts you don’t feel so hot, not feeling good leads to unhealthy behaviors. Negative thoughts and feelings can also lead to avoidance. Avoiding the situations won’t make it go away. Sooner or later it’s popping back up. Sometimes it gets worst. This isn’t to scare you, it’s said to empower you. Embracing change can be an amazing opportunity to welcome in the newest to your life. Think about how differently your life would be if you cut the negative thoughts out of your life.

Let go

You may find yourself holding onto things that have not been the best for you. Letting go is an important part of embracing change. It’s downright necessary! Part of embracing change is being willing to let go. How often have you held on to past hurts?  Frequently you may find yourself thinking about past failures. When you don’t let go of these things it’s impossible to grab a hold of the goodness.

Bonus: Can’t go back

Develop a can’t go back attitude. The past is the past. Leave it behind you. When you change your charted path and embrace change you invite new experiences. The change can bring about new beginnings. Thinking about shoulda’s and woulda’s won’t do a thang. Consider when you try something new and it’s good, you like it and can’t go back to the old way. It becomes one of those can’t go back type of moments.  When you embrace change make it a can’t go back type of moment. No, take backs on your success. Only move forward. Don’t stay stuck! You can remember the past; you just don’t have to stay there. Click To Tweet

Key takeaways

Leave room for goodness in your life. Welcome adventure and invite the newest. Live in the fullness of your success. Go for what you want! Embrace change and see it as an invitation into something good for yourself. Remember that by taking the brave step into something new it can bring so much more reward than sadness.


Reflection questions:

What will you do to embrace change in your life today?



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