Choosing the Right Relationship for YOU!

My violent broken heart by La.

Choosing the Right Relationship for YOU!

Tired of not getting what you want

Having a healthy happy relationship is very important to many of us. Are tired of going through relationships and still not getting what you need? Feeling emotionally and mentally drained from the ups and downs of short and long-term relationships not going the way you would like. This article is for you. Today you will learn some tips on how to choose a healthier relationship.

Why does this matter

Many of us desire to be connected to another. We want companionship and friendship. Let’s be honest we want something deeper. We want companionship and real intimacy, not just the stuff seen in romantic movies. You can start to create your own love story by revamping your actions in choosing a healthier relationship.

If you are tired of always getting what you get,

Stop doing what you have always done!

Tips for choosing a healthy relationship initially starts with you truly knowing and loving yourself. Another important part knowing what you are looking for. This isn’t just a corny staple that you may have heard a thousand times over but something very true. This all can move you move you light years closer to discovering and having the type of relationship you desire.

Know what you’re looking for:

Know your target: This does not mean necessarily that you hunt through stores, internet stalk and or hang out in random places hoping to find that special someone but more so have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a partner. Who is this person and what qualities must they have. Also, have a clear idea of what you do not want (deal breakers).

Safety first: Does this person provide a feeling of safety? Does this person make you feel emotionally safe to share? Mentally safe to express your own ideas and concerns. Physically safe meaning you are not in physical danger or harm.

Feel it in the atmosphere: Sometimes I have heard people say “It’s just something about them.” Does this person provide a sense of comfort? Are you able to be yourself or must you hide your true character? Are you able to express your true qualities or are you hiding in-order to be more accepted? Be yourself if they can take you for all that you are at your best and worst you might just have something special.

Do they excite your mind: Does this person mentally challenge you? Liking the same things is great but having similar belief systems and morals help to foster healthy connections. This person can be different from you that provides a challenge. The difference can also help to open you up to new things. Balance each other out enough that the conversations are insightful and interesting.

Future: Does this person fit into your life and if so how? How do you see them fitting into your future? Are you going in the same direction? Two people with a great deal in common but they are going in different directions may not end up at the same destination together.

Connection Family & Future: How does this person mesh with your family and friends? Not that this person has to be an exact copy of your friends and family but rather how does this person merge with your core group of supporters.

Adding to life: A major question to ask yourself is how does this person add to your life? Of course, mutual respect and support are also important qualities. More than the simple connection of shared interest but truly adding quality to your life.

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