Signs It’s Time for Counseling and It’s a Good Thing

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Signs that Show You Need to Seek Counseling (and it’s a good thing!)


Making the choice to come to counseling is very important step. It can also be a very scary for people. Often time’s people will consider coming to counseling for many months or years before they ever truly step in the door. Here at Flourishing Hope Counseling we typically say some of “the bravest people we know show up to counseling.” Many times people struggle before they take that brave step into counseling. Our hope is to help people recognize that by choosing to come to counseling they are taking active steps to transform their lives. We will share with you signs that let you know you may want to try counseling and how it can help improve your life. Getting help is a good thing. We must work to move past the idea of coming to counseling as being something “weird”, “strange” or a very not so nice word “crazy”. If you know there is something going on taking steps to resolve it makes you strong, brave and courageous!


Signs you may need to come to counseling


Frequently doubting yourself

Having some doubt about a major project or trying something new is common. When you start to doubt everything about yourself, even things that you once felt confident about on constant basis could be a sign you need to seek counseling and that’s a good thing. Working to face the doubts and fears you have with the help of a counselor can help you move forward with confidence not doubt.


Negative self-talk

Talking negatively to yourself frequently prevents people from moving forward. What you think about yourself impacts how you feel and what you do. When you talk negatively to yourself it’s a no go. This means you can talk yourself out of something or into something not healthy for you. Learn how to reframe those negative messages into more encouraging words so that you can make amazing progress with the help of counseling.


Uncertainty about where you are going in life  

You do not have to have your next 20 years planned out however it does help to have more clarity about where you are going in life. Having some goals and a sense of direction brings more peace into your life. When you do not have direction in your journey you may find that you feel lost. This can be a great time to seek counseling for direction in life and that’s a good thing.


Continued dissatisfaction with your present station in life

In life there will be storms that are not always pleasant. When you have constant moments of dissatisfaction in your life this might be a moment to seek counseling and it’s a good thing. Everyone can go through a period of time where they do not feel completely satisfied. Long periods or unending moments of being dissatisfied is a strong indication that counseling is needed.


Feeling stuck

If you have been in a rut for quite some time and can’t seem to move forward this might be an telltale sign that you may need to go to counseling and that’s a good thing. There are times in life when being head strong can prove helpful. Not being able to wrap your mind around a clearer, healthier way of thinking is a concern. Being stubborn is one thing but not being able to make the type of progress you want to make in life is a different type of issue.


Benefits of going to counseling  

  • You learn to accept yourself more
  • You are able to acknowledge your achievements
  • Gain healthy relationships and connections with others
  • Decreased anxiety and depressive moods


Key takeaways:

Choosing to come to counseling is a healthy choice. When you take the brave step into counseling many positive changes happen. This post mentions “good” more than 5 times to show you just how important making yourself a priority is key. I also made sure to mention “healthy” 5 times. Truly it’s not about a being a good or bad thing. It is about being healthy inside and out. Understanding the benefits that happen when you come to counseling and address your concerns is not only good but a healthy choice. You have the opportunity to change the direction your life has been going for something more positive.


Resources for finding counseling

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