Depression More Than Just a Bad Day

Depression more than

It’s like drowning … except you can see everyone around you breathing. –Anonymous

It is more than just a bad day. More than just feeling sad. The issue of depression is a serious matter that many have heard about but are not truly aware of. We hear the word depressed and sadly many do not understand what it really means. Being able to recognize depression is important. Receiving treatment for depression is essential. This article will share with you how depression affects people emotionally and mentally. You will learn information about the physical and behavioral aspects of depression.
If you have 2 or more of these symptoms for 2 or more weeks it is important to seek help.

Emotional signs to watch for

The emotional signs of depression are sadness, mood swings, helplessness, and hopelessness. People suffering from depression may feel angry or irritable. Sometimes people will develop feelings of guilt. People report that they have feelings of guilt simply for feeling bad. Some people report feelings of being overwhelmed due to the many emotions they are experiencing.

Thoughts and depression

People who are experiencing depression may have diminished memory and confusion. People that struggle with depression may be very critical of themselves. Difficulty focusing and organizing thoughts are other signs of depression. The harder and sometimes scary thing for some to talk about are the thoughts of death and suicide.

Behaviors you may recognize in depression

Depression behaviors a person should be aware of are frequent crying, agitation, and uneasiness. Other behaviors that signify depression are a lack of commitment to task and responsibilities. Withdrawing from others and a change in physical appearance such as decreased hygiene. Risky behaviors such as reckless driving and not avoiding dangerous situations. Substance use is another symptom of depression.

Physical symptoms of depression

A persons’ body can also let them know that they are depressed. Symptoms such as frequent fatigue and low energy are some signs of depression. A dramatic change in weight like significant weight gain or loss. Another physical sign of depression is low or lose motivation to do things. Unexplained aches and pain are another sign that a person may be depressed. Those that are struggling with depression may recognize a change in their quality of sleep, sleeping more or less. The same changes may happen with eating. A decreased sex drive may also occur.
One of the worst things you could do when it comes to depression is to ignore it and do nothing. Now that you are familiar with some the signs and symptoms of depression do something about it.  Below you will find a list of things you can do to help yourself or someone you know that is struggling with depression. It may take a while for positive changes to occur. Remember that it may take some time I encourage you to be patient with yourself and the process.

Things to do to fight back against depression:

  1. Change negative thoughts to more positive ones
  2. Use positive quotes and affirmations
  3. Don’t catastrophize
  4. Surround yourself with positive people and things
  5. Eating healthy
  6. Start exercising
  7. Get sunlight
  8. Visit a psychiatrist or your general doctor for a health evaluation and possibly receive medication to help
  9. Sunlight therapy
  10. Meditation, religious or spiritual connection
  11. Seek counseling if needed
  12. See a counselor
  13. Visit with a medical professional to address any potential health concerns physical factors related to depression.



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