Essential Steps to Conquering Cravings

Flourishing Hope Counseling Conquering Cravings

Essential Steps to Conquer Cravings


You know that thing that you shouldn’t do but you can’t help but think about it. You may even give in sometimes and indulge yourself. Do you ever find yourself saying things like, “I deserve this” or “just this once?” Discover how to overcome cravings. Find out how you can cut confusion, bust stress and move away from unhealthy habits. Discover alternatives to anxiousness and obsessive thoughts. Break a habit and make a healthy change. Your action can become your answer to the difficulties you have experienced.
Tips for how to conquer these cravings are below.


As weird as it may sound try waiting. There is much to be gained from practicing the art of waiting. Take a timeout and delay the decision or action. Give it some time, consider 5 – 20 minutes before you act. In some cases, you may want to give it a day or two. Give yourself a set time to delay before doing something.


Create a distraction, in a healthy way of course. Instead of sitting there being tormented by what is bothering you, do something different. Try a healthy habit instead, to take your mind of the issue.

Healthy distractions to try:

  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Clean the house
  • Help a friend
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a movie.


Making is a decision is the next step. After you have completed the delay and the distraction. You get to decide what you will do next. You can give into the urge or do something different. You can choose one path or go a completely different one. The great part about this whole thing is that you have options.

Consider a few things when you decide:

  • The advantages of not doing it
  • Disadvantages of doing it
  • Reasons to make a change
  • How does it fit into your life goals?
Not matter if it is delaying the chance to eat a piece of that delicious strawberry cake you’ve been thinking about all day or finding a healthy distraction from worrying about a major incident at work. When you practice the strategies above you can make a more clear decision.


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