Excellent Ways to Change Your Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self-talk


Uncover those key things that will send you on a negative spiral. Once you what those triggers are you can create a plan to attack. Have a “red flag” check. Know those warning signs to keep you on alert. Knowing the things that will get you off course can help you make clearer decisions. Once you know the pothole is there you can move around it. When the negative self-talk starts to creep up you can shut it down, before it starts. You don’t have to just sidestep the pothole but be intentional in your actions. Have a plan b just in case things happen.
Negative self-talk (in the potholes):
  • I won’t ever make it
  • Things have never worked for me
  • I’m not good enough
  • It only happens for others, not me


Negative self-talk can change the path of our lives in an unhealthy way. Softly and gently start changing the way you talk to yourself. Instead of having an “I have to attitude” switch to an “I get to attitude”. Change the way you talk to yourself with kindness and grace. Keep it fresh and positive instead of darkness and doom.
Positive self-talk (out of the pothole):
  • I can make it
  • This could work out in my favor
  • I am good enough
  • I have made it through difficulties before


The inner critic will tell you that past lack of success “failures” are bad and those failures make you a bad person. WRONG! See setbacks as setups for greatness. Click To Tweet Instead of seeing your failures as failures choose to see them as restarts. Consider it a re-positioning. It’s a change to your itinerary. The only way you ever go beyond where you are presently is to start.  Spend your time thinking about restarts to something new or different. Don’t let the inner critic trick you into thinking things will never get better. You are worth it! Keep going, invest in yourself! Learn from previous experiences (note: I did say mistakes). See these moments as fresh opportunities and new beginnings.


When you make these changes you will become more confident. Your self-esteem increases. You begin to become more kind towards yourself. Practicing positive self-talk will transform you and everything around you. Your interactions with your family, friends, and co-workers will change. You are so much better than the inner critic bullying you. Stop doing this unkind thing to yourself. This is so important because you are so very important. You owe it to yourself to make a positive change. Click To Tweet
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