Finding Yourself If You Are Lost

Finding Yourself If You Are Lost Flourishing Hope Counseling

Finding Yourself If You Are Lost

Sometimes after going through difficult life experiences, it is hard to find our way. We may not recognize the person in the mirror anymore. We may feel lost in life. A person may look back over the past few days, weeks or years and not be proud of the choices they have made. Possibly they have experienced something that has been very difficult to handle. This post is to help a person move forward in finding their way back to who they truly are. If they do not know who they are it’s a great way to start finding themselves.
Finding yourself if you are lost is so very important in making a positive change in your life. Many things can cause us to be lost such as:
  • Parental stress
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Family and friends
  • Overcommitment
  • Grief and lost
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Financial concerns
Having direction can be very helpful in moving forward. You may be experiencing something completely different altogether than the things previously mentioned. Moreover, situations in life have an impact on us. These moments in time can cause us to lose direction or sometimes become unbalanced. Not letting those difficulties define us but using them as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and the world is key.
There is hope and there are many reasons why we should find our way back to who we truly are. If we do not know who we are and what happiness and well-being looks like this is a great time to start searching for it.

Why is this all so important?

YOU are important.

By learning how to love and reconnect with ourselves we create an opportunity to appreciate ourselves. Part of that is becoming more accepting of our strengths and weakness (opportunities for growth). This can change our thoughts our feelings and actions. Having other people in our life can make us happy but they should not be the only reason we are happy. Learning to define happiness individually is essential.

You are responsible for your own happiness.

Where is your mental compass pointing you?

Where are your thoughts leading you? Do you find that you have negative thoughts quite often? Our thoughts play a large role in the direction we are headed. How we think plays a role in how we view the world. This view of the world changes everything. Push yourself to go beyond where you are presently. Face the monsters in your closet. Fight back against the resistance of fear and doubt. Find out who you truly are and move forward.

Misplaced feelings misguided steps

How we feel about things matters. Feelings do give way to motivation and change. Not only what we think but how we feel has an impact on our happiness. If there are negative feelings about something we tend to not want to do it or try. Not every time do we get to do what feels right to us. The challenge is to change our awareness and our feelings to a more positive aspect to move forward. When things happen our feelings sometimes get in our own way of success. Sometimes we have to act even when the feeling is not as strong and things may turn out better than we imagined.

Quick reflection question

Has there ever been a time you dread doing something and it turned out better than you thought? If yes it can happen again!

Move those tootsies?

How we act can be an indicator as to where we are going. Sometimes we may have to start with the behavior changes instead of the thoughts. Changing our behaviors can positively change everything around us. Of course, there is no magic wand to wave over the situation. At the same time, start with action and the mind can follow. When the mind begins to change the heart can change. You can begin to find yourself and true happiness. Finding yourself may take some time. Finding yourself opens the door to changing your perception and your reality

Tips to finding yourself:

  • Learn to appreciate doing things on your own
  • Recall positive moments from the past
  • Be present in the moment
  • Become aware of yourself
  • Look for it seek out moments presently in which you are happy throughout the day
  • Have patience with yourself as you learn, change and grow
  • Discover your strengths

Reflection question:

What small step can you take to start reconnecting with yourself today?


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