Great Ways to be Start Being Good to Yourself


We become what we practice -Jeff Goins

Consider how truly different life would be if you made being good to yourself your daily practice?

Practicing self-care is a wonderful way to be good to you. When we practice being negative and unkind we can get really good at it. The negative self-talk we tell ourselves can become our natural way of thinking. Our life can be improved significantly when we practice self-care and self-compassion. The opposite of the word compassion is cruelty, meanness, and harshness. So don’t do that!

Be good to yourself

pamper yourself


and spoil yourself


Things people do when they are not practicing self-compassion can be pretty nasty. Feelings of anxiety can creep in and make it difficult to take that next step. People who do not practice self-compassion may do things like saying yes to things they really don’t want. They may take an extreme risk or act carelessly. They can have frequent negative thoughts about themselves and others. Sometimes it causes feelings of depression. When we are not in love with ourselves we do some pretty ugly things to ourselves. We teach people how to treat us if we are not treating ourselves well we can’t expect others to do it.


You set the standard for how you want to be treated.


Other little nasty habits people do when they are not practicing self-care:

  • Making unhealthy choices

  • Hanging onto unhealthy relationships

  • Have difficulty accepting compliments

  • Being overly concerned about their image

  • Not letting go of the past

If ANY of the things are you it’s time to turn things around.

Consider what you are thinking

Our thoughts play a huge role in how we feel and what we do. Consider the thoughts that have been going through your mind about yourself. If you are not being so kind and supportive challenge those ugly thoughts with rational thoughts.


Reflect over what you say

Recognize the things that you say to yourself. If you are saying negative things to yourself (negative self-talk) it is not helpful in moving forward. The things we say to ourselves can affect our thoughts about ourselves. Instead of a person referring to themselves as scattered brained maybe saying they can be disorganized at times.

Be aware of what you do

Watch the things you do to yourself. Committing to things you do not want to. Saying yes when you really mean no. Staying in a relationship that isn’t truly what you want.



Other great things to do to practice self-compassion:

  • Letting go of your past

  • Making healthy choices

  • Being kind and compassion to yourself and others

  • Respecting your time /not over committing

  • Saying no

  • Accepting yourself


Ways to practice self-care

  • Schedule some play time

  • Accept compliments

  • Embrace your accomplishments

  • Practice forgiveness of yourself and others


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