Healthy Habits to Quite the Anxious Mind of Negativity

Healthy Habits to Quite the Anxious Mind

Healthy Habits to Quite the Anxious Mind of Negativity

Being overly moody, having a surge of intense emotions and over thinking things way too much can all be signs that there is a much-needed shift in your life. Learning to let go of the control that we sometimes feel we need to feel better is a must. In reading this post you will find out great tips to quite the anxious mind. You will discover life skills that can improve the quality of your life exponentially. You just have to be willing to practice these healthy habits.


Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses (opportunities for growth). Having too much piled up in either area can be overwhelming. Learning to be self-aware is a wonderful tool to help you move forward. Knowledge is power and knowing who you really are can be truly amazing. Be aware but not critical of who you are. Know the limits of observing yourself. Understanding and thinking about your qualities is wonderful. When you start to pick apart everything about yourself or even emphasize the negatives this can lead you into some deep waters.



Consider how different life would be if people did not think of the negative things first. Everything in life does not have to be a terrible situation. Things might be very different if people viewed their situations as experiences and not as problems. Make a healthy habit of seeing things with a more open approach. A brilliant shift of seeing obstacles as opportunities to grow can change a person in an amazing way.



Focus on what is good and going well. There is no way to avoid every uncomfortable situation in life. Sometimes anxious people laser focus on the anxieties, depression, and anger they feel. This focus can make them miss out on the great parts of life. Learning how to respond appropriately can make all the difference. Positive-self talk is a great way to combat those negative feelings that come along with a backhanded compliment or email that did not sit right with you.


ACTION STEP: When you find yourself becoming anxious or negative this week practice the 3-minute breathing space.
  1. Become aware
  2. Gathering and focusing
  3. Expanding attention


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