Helpful Tips to Overcome Anxiety

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Helpful Tips to Overcome Anxiety

What would happen if you no longer let anxiety run your life? Consider how different your life would be if you didn’t feel that trembling, racing heart, sweating and that uncomfortable feeling of powerlessness. This post is the thing you need to unlock great tips to overcome anxiety and move forward free from anxiety. Practice the effective tips you can do to overcome your anxieties in a wonderful way.


Sweat it out. Getting some exercise in is a great way to decrease anxiety. Exercise has so many benefits. No matter if you are doing a 30-minute walk or a 5-mile run. Get it in! Exercise helps fight against anxiety on several different levels. Exercise can serve as a healthy distraction. Anxiety battled with exercise can make you feel happier, increase weight-loss and you are doing something good for yourself. Plus it increases brain health.

Prayer / Meditate

Spending quite moments in prayer and meditation can simmer feelings of anxiety. Sitting in silence and being one with the world around you can send you to a new level of peace. Another great way to practice decreasing anxiety is to use single (one) word meditations. These one-word practices help you focus your attention on being present. Silence is golden. Using prayer for coping with anxiety can mean talking and listening to your higher power about your concerns.

Practice gratitude

Quite often we focus so much on what is going wrong, we lose sight of what is going right. Our anxieties tend to come from focusing on things that we cannot control. Take a moment to practice being thankful. The act of gratitude shifts you into a whole new mode. Get a gratitude journal on your phone or write it in an actual journal. When you find that you are having a difficult day refer back. Look at all the great moments and experiences you have had. There is so much good in this world we have to learn to find that balance.

Increase your acceptance

The truth is you can’t always do something about the situations you are not pleased with and there is where we queue in anxiety.  Learning to come to a place of acceptance about things that you can not change is essential. Acceptance does not mean agreement. Feelings of anxiety can overrun our minds and hearts if we let it. Taking moments to practice accepting what is not what we want, what we hope and desire. Unfortunately not every moment of life will be a bed or rose or super shiny. This doesn’t mean that you can overcome it.
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