How to be an Effective Collaborator


How to Be an Effective Collaborator

The topic of collaboration is one that applies to so many parts of our life. This post will change the way you interact with your team, family, friends and everyone you come across. Collaboration can improve the relationships we have. The people we work with at the office or the people we have for a class project. Learn how to work with others and not only do it but rock at it! You can do so much more when you have a team of more than one!



Have structure and order to what you are doing. Yes, you can keep the to-do list. Just make it more efficient. Have more order in your life. This part of the collaboration is largely based on you. If you want to work with other you must know what you want to accomplish. This helps you when you find that super team, partner, co-worker, friend study partner you will be able to knock it out!


Part of making the real time change in the collaboration game is to make meaningful connections with people. Seek out people committed to the task or like interest. Engage with people that know your area of interest or who are willing to learn and grow together. Share ideas, thoughts, interest to spur each other on. Make this more than a one-time meeting but an ongoing connection. Connect and re-connect. If you already have some of these connections and have not been working together start! We don’t have all the answers and having an effective network of people to share with can make the task simple twice and doable.


Trust those around you to do some of the tasks that are necessary for projects and responsibilities. This can be hard for those of you that like to make sure things stay on task. Yes, your magic touch may not be on every item. This does not mean things will not get done. Part of collaboration is sharing in the responsibility of task. You may discover that you have a more effective team then you thought.


Make a wish list of things you would like to do. Always have goals both personally and professional that help to fill your life with excitement and adventure. Having this list fits into the collaboration puzzle by becoming more aware of what it is you want and are looking for in life. You may have the great fortune of coming across some pretty amazing people that you can learn from and who can learn from you. We all are a resource and a wealth of knowledge in different forms.


Not only having a wish list but having a to-do list is great. Put the most important things at the top. Near the bottom of the list add the least but still important things. I encourage you to not have a list that rolls from your fingertips unto the floor. You set the limit on your to do list. Ask yourself what would help you be the most effective.


I encourage you to go after what you want and make the changes you see fit to help you be more effective. Nothing to it but to do it. START NOW!


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