How to be Fearless


I am always so inspired by the people that I meet on a daily basis. I typically try to take in a few podcast both funny and serious a few times a week. I also try to take moments to connect with people and the world around me. I mean really connect not just with the surface talk of hello and have a nice day. I like to really get in there. Each person has a story and a battle they are fighting. This whole thing got me thinking about how in every story and battle theirs a chance to be fearless.
We all are faced with different experiences and journeys all happening simultaneously. Many times people will stifle themselves and not go after what they truly desire due to fear, depression, anxiety and so many other reasons. Right now is the time to start turning things around and be fearless.


What does it mean to be fearless?
Embrace life, live boldly, uncover your true passions, don’t just have surface talk but really get to know yourself and those around you. Many times I hear people say they don’t get those deep intellectual conversations that they desire. We have to seek those people and situations out. We must stir the pot and get down in there. Many people skim the surface of issues for fear of getting too deep and showing their vulnerabilities. We all have them, be human. I’m not saying you meet someone and tell them every one of your deepest secrets. I am saying step out there and go for what you want.
  • If you want a different job create it or find it
  • If you want more happiness, clearly define what makes you happy and do something about it.
  • If you want to be healthier do it
  • Be fearless!


Many of us are creatures of habit you know the person (you may be that person) that will go to a new restaurant and get the same meal at a new place because it’s the safe choice. If you want something different do something different.
  • If you want adventure, get out there.
  • If you want a better relationship, seek quality people.
  • If you want more, do more!


Don’t be afraid to be courageous face those challenges that you have been putting off, yes I mean you! Those things that you have wanted to try but have not taken the steps to make it happen. Do those things we know we need to do but for many reasons or sometimes something very small we just don’t get out there.
Jump into the deep and see what happens. It may turn out even better than you imaged. During times of great crisis in the country, people were forced to become creative out of necessity and survival. Let’s take a step before we are pushed over the edge to do something different and be fearless.


Fearless chart

The chart above shows the decrease in the use of the word fearless. These are the exact times and moments in life when we must be fearless. Today right now is a moment in which you can turn things around in your life. Your past does not define you, it is part of your journey and story but it does not have to stop there. I dare you to step out!



Yes, I’m an 80’s baby and I remember my Lionheart Carebear. To be lionhearted means to be brave and determined.
Yes there will be difficulties
Yes sometimes we will fall
Yes we can overcome
Yes, we can make it and it doesn’t have to end with the misstep or mistake that sometimes happen.
Become fearless when it comes to setbacks, become fearless when it comes to taking steps forward and charting out new grounds.
Be brave as you live boldly
Be determined to reach your destiny.


Tips to start living fearless today:
• Learn from every experience
• Try something new that you have always wanted to but didn’t
• Set a realistic goal and start taking steps to accomplish it (one step at a time)
• Find a good mentor
• Develop a motto for yourself and live by it.


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