How to be Good to Yourself

How to Be Good to Yourself Flourishing Hope

How to be Good to Yourself

Choose you! Many times we find that we are working hard to do things for other people. We become consumed by the task, deadlines, responsibilities and so much more. This post will challenge you to be good to yourself. By making this positive change you will be able to be even better at everything that you do.

Set the bar         

Part of being good to yourself is having standards. It has to start with you. You can be the best model of how you want to be treated. No matter if it staying later at work then you would like or a certain tone of voice used in a conversation. Set the bar for how you will conduct your life. We teach people how to treat us. If we are not treating ourselves well how do we expect others to treat us well? If we allow certain actions then we are indirectly and sometimes directly teaching people to treat us a certain way.

Ways to set the bar

Practice time management
Address treatment that you like or dislike
Be intentional in your actions
Be strategic in your activities
Honor your values

Know yourself

Do good things for yourself. By you taking good care of yourself you are able to get more of what you need and also be a helpful person to others. Choose you! Love you and accept you. Having many things pulling at you from all directions can be very demanding. At some point by having so much going on the person at the center begins to diminish (you). Invest in yourself.

Practice Self-Care

Find out more about yourself. Get to know yourself more than just the surface. Go deep! It can be scary to go there. I challenge you to do it. You may uncover strengths you did not know you had. You may unlock parts of yourself that had been held captive for far too long. As you begin to know more about you and what is important to you it helps to keep your values in place for when challenging situations to come your way.

Benefits of practicing self-care

Increased confidence
Healthy supportive relationships
Positive attitude and outlook on life
Stronger social connections
Brighter future

Boom!!! 5 reason why being good to yourself is helpful.

Final keywords

All the subtitles start with action words and that’s not by mistake my friend. It is for a purpose. TAKE ACTION! We must move to make changes in our lives. I encourage you to do something different. If you are already making changes great! Keep doing it. The reason this post has you in it 29 times to be exact is because YOU are important. If we want anything to change it starts with you.
Action step: Choose one way you can start practicing self-care this week and be consistent with it.
I would love to hear what you choose or how it worked out for you. Share your comments! If you have an idea for a post that I have written about let me know. Share with me I am always open to ideas.


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