How to Stop Oversharing Online

Flourishing Hope Counseling How to Stop Oversharing Online

How to Stop Oversharing Online

In a time where online we can express any thought positive or negative for the world to see there is a great chance that over sharing of personal or private information can happen. This is not an internet safety message rather a personal information message. There seems to be a need for likes and acceptance by peers and everyone in regards to what we choose to share with the world. The key word is choose. When we engage in conversations through social methods we are willing and unwilling inviting others into our lives. Just as when we share with those around us. This whole idea that our lives are more open and available for others to be a part of can be an amazing thing, in fact, it creates networks that at one time might not have even been possible. The connectedness created by online social media can encourage the sharing of useful tips (hacks) and promotes personal growth. It can help a group raise funds ( It can help people with the same interest connect (Meetups) to share and grow.

Let’s take it offline and consider that just the idea of sharing everything that happens to us with everyone we come in contact with may not necessarily be the best way to go about handling issues. On one hand, we may become that person that people avoid because there is always something wrong. Secondly, we may possibly be getting help from people that do not have our best interest in mind. My hope is to encourage healthy connections and relationships to be built. This can help decrease the later unwanted outburst, emotional rants and embarrassing post that sometimes occur.

I want to share with you the idea of a “Safe Circle”. This is a specific group of trusted people you share your different life issues with. Of course, your own personal reflection and ideas must be considered. The Safe Circle is just another way to help you in making healthy connections and decisions. Recognizing the importance of not sharing everything about ourselves online and with everyone we know can be helpful. Taking time to filter your thoughts is an opportunity for personal growth. Sometimes it takes a moment to process the emotions you are having, rather than posting erratically and then later regretting the messages. Start thinking of who you are going to let into your circle.

Qualities to look for in your Safe Circle are people who are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Encouraging
  • Supportive
  • Good communicators
  • Mutual respectful
  • You can be yourself around them

Create your safe circle today!

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