How to Start Your Own Private Practice Workshop

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Tell us what you need. We want to create a One-Day Workshop. Receive accurate information from someone who has real-life experience with creating a thriving practice. Explore the logistics, marketing and clinical aspects of private practice development. Angel M. Hoodye, MS, LPC-S, CART took the leap into the private practice world. She did the research, did the work.  At first, people asked her why she did it, and now they ask her how. She has experienced both highs and lows of practice development. She continues to lead, teach and inspire people in the mental health and helping professions to soar!
Possible areas of interest to be covered:
  • Explore readiness to take on the private practice world
  • Explore strengths and weaknesses for practice development
  • Gain insight into finding your ideal client
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial, cost to open, unexpected fees and taxes
  • Ethics and legal
  • Extensive question and answer time
  • Software, telephones, and equipment.

This workshop would be great for counselors, future counselors and graduate students interested in starting a private practice one day. This training is all things private practice. Tons of stuff they don’t teach in class, that you need to know!



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