Keys to Stopping Your Inner Critic

Negative Self-talk
Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. ~Zig Ziglar
Shut down your inner critic, rather than live in the shadows of self-doubt and fear. When you think positively about yourself you can improve your life and everything in it. You will walk, talk and live differently. People will respond to you differently. When your inner critic no longer has power over you your life will be changed. Increasing your self-confidence helps to transform you and the world around you. Try these keys tips to shut down your inner critic. Propel yourself forward into a whole new lane.


Being present exactly where you are is a wonderful way to quiet your inner critic. Don’t let the negative voice inside your head take over. Take a moment and reflect on your present state. Practice being mindful. Scan your body and notice any places that may have tension and try to relax them. If you have a candy or mint pop it in your mouth. Don’t just rush through the process. Notice the flavors, the sensations on your tongue. Smell the smells around you. Take in a deep breath and exhale slowly. You don’t have to bust into a yoga pose in order to get centered. Click To Tweet Sit or stand quietly where you are and take in the sights all around you. Be still and just exist in that very moment. Take a mini pause to absorb the moment around you. Focus your attention on your senses rather than the negative self-talk.


Treat today each day with the freshest mindset no matter what. No matter what age you are or what age you will be remembered, you are learning every day. Each and every day is new, make it count! Click To TweetIf you are more than one-year old that means you have experienced many Mondays. Treat this Monday like your very first Monday. Technically it is your very first and only Monday of this week. (Quick little inside note: I love Monday’s). Instead of criticizing yourself about not already knowing whatever it is you expect yourself to know. Give yourself grace and time to learn. (That could have sounded confusing and it is) How can you know what you don’t know if you don’t know it? Approach, each day with a learner’s attitude. Click To Tweet  See the world around you with fresh eyes. Experiment with the day instead of having everything so calculated. For those of you that love a to-do list keep them. Keep your list and approach it with an open heart and mind. Leave room to grow and expand. We are not born knowing everything we need to know. The only way we get better is if we learn. Click To Tweet


It is perfectly okay to have deadlines and dates. Having the deadlines and structure gives you time to figure things out. It provides a guide for the day, week or month. Just because you have a calendar or a timeline does not mean everything is going to fall magically into place. The inner critic might tell you that everyone around you is doing better. It might say everyone gets’s it but you. Nope, that’s not true at all. Time and patience helps us to develop into who we are truly called to be. Click To Tweet Learning to be okay with the changes that happen in life is a must. A keyword is patience. Give yourself time to learn, change and grow.


Practicing being mindful will help you experience life in whole new way. It takes the focus off the inner critic. It helps to center you and your attention on the world around you. By approaching each day with a new attitude you give your inner critic a timeout so that you can truly experience life. You don’t have to live in the shadows of self-doubt. By practicing patience you allow yourself time to grow instead of inner letting inner negativity fester. Practice these tips to help improve the quality of your life overall. Shut down that inner critic and open the door to a happier life.
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