Kickstart Your Transformation an Invitation to Change

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Transformation literally means going beyond your form. ~Wayne Dyer


Many times, people have a hard time making changes. We get very use to the routines for better or worse. We eat the foods that we’ve always eaten. We go to work the same way every day, we pretty much do things the way we’ve always done. Today can be a wonderful day to invite change into your life. Being your transformation right now! We learn from everything that we experience. If you feel stuck, tired, anxious, depressed or any other negative feeling today is the beginning of making a great change. Welcome to the beginning of your transformation.
Two things stop people from making change, fear and the effort it takes to change. We often get very comfortable being uncomfortable. You may know of areas in your life that you would like to change. If we are keeping it 100% there are areas in your life you need to change. Most people tend to thrive in structure and stability. Experiencing change can shake the foundation. The shaking makes most people feel uneasy. Rather than feel the quake beneath their feet they don’t move at all. They “become very comfortable being uncomfortable.” One major benefit of transformation is it makes room for major growth in your life.

Today I invite you to go beyond your natural!

Consider your gains over losses

Instead of spending a million hours thinking about what you are losing from making the change think about what you will gain if you make a positive change.

Get rest

As corny as it sounds getting a good amount of rest matters. Having quality sleep helps your brain to function better. When you are well rested you will be able to think clearly and make better decisions.


Instead of spending time thinking about past failures, regroup and start again. It is okay to reflect on past life experiences. It is not okay to ruminate. Bring the lessons you learned from the past into your present. Use the past to propel you forward instead of keeping you down.

Take time for you

Many people struggle with patience as they transform. We tend to want things to happen the way we want and when we want. It helps to give yourself time to change.
Giving yourself time to make change = yes (healthy).
Procrastinating and making excuses for why you are not making change =no (unhealthy).

Accept closure

Often the desire for perfection stops people from making progress. Find a point to identify completion. Instead of thinking I have 1k things to do chunk the task down and find small points of completion at every task. Give yourself time to go back to the regroup step if you need to.

Welcome something new

Instead of letting fear rule you, let hope reign! With every step into your transformation, something positive can happen. You must be willing to invite goodness into your life.
Do not put off your happiness another day. Go forward and do great things. Go beyond your natural. Reach your greatest potential. The only way that we can find out what we are truly made of is if we step out of the boat and into life. Don’t just talk about it, be about it.



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