Learning to Surf Through Anxiety

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Learning to Surf Through Anxiety


No matter how irrational I may sound, it’s real to me. Lorri Smith. This is a quote about anxiety. Many people struggle silently with anxiety concerns. Experiencing shortness of breath, racing heart, racing thoughts, and increased sweating are all signs of anxiety. Learning skills to cope and overcome anxiety is super important. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” –Jon Kabat-Zinn. Read on to learn some great ways to surf through anxiety.


Take a deep breath
Get some fresh air, in those lungs! I like to teach people about breathing. It’s something everyone has to do and no is paying attention to you do it. Taking a deep breath can really help bust your anxiety. Breathing is a wonderful way to center yourself. When we are stressed we tend to take more shallow breaths. This shorter breathing pattern does not allow all the oxygen we need to get to our brains. It’s no wonder we don’t feel in control. We need that oxygen flow. Think about how cleansing a deep breath can feel. I typically tell people you don’t have to bust into a yoga pose in the middle of your grocery store or at the family gathering. Just do it! It only takes a second.


Let’s practice real quick right here and now
Breathe in a count for 1…2…3… release    Breathe in a count for 1…2…3… release
Breathe in relaxation breathe out frustration


Find support
We get by with a little help from our friends. Build a small web of support. Find supportive people to connect with. You don’t need just any random person. Posting online, venting and searching the internet for the answer is NOT going to cut it when you are truly in need. Everyone can experience anxiety for various reasons. Finding ways to overcome it a must.
  • Possible support members:
  • Long-term friends
  • A person you feel comfortable with
  • Ministers, pastors, priest
  • Someone that you trust
  • A person doing well in their own life


Write it out –Journal
Sometimes you need to get the anxiety of your head and heart. Journaling is a great tool to help blast anxiety. There is something special that happens when we write things down. It allows you time to process your emotions and thoughts.  Journaling is a great way to share your feelings about an issue without necessarily having to face the vulnerability of sharing with another person. This is a great way to help cope with anxiety.


Tune your ears –Listen
To know me is to know I love love love love music! Music is another helpful way to cope with anxiety. The uncomfortable feelings of anxiety can be soothing when we listen to music. We are affected by everything around us. Hearing the soothing sounds of an instrumental guitar or the deep wailing of a cello can total invoke an emotion. Sometimes we need to dance our cares away. Other times we may need to channel a deep emotion.
Here are some quick simple ways to start turning down your anxieties and increasing your wellness.
  • Music to tips
  • Create positive playlist
  • Have your favorite stations saved in your car
  • Have 3-minute dance parties
  • Dance like no ones’ watching
  • Sing like no ones’ listening (belt it out baby, don’t hold back)




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