How to Live More than a 1 Star Life

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How to Live More than a 1 Star Life

A while back I was looking for a new set of headphones (earbuds) to use while running. I wanted to find the right ones. Some that had great sound and a microphone. I also wanted the headphones to fit my ears and be of good quality. Having a great price was also a must. I looked online at a few pairs and decided to go out to some stores to find some right away. When I arrived at the store the salesman approached me and asked a few questions about what I was looking for. I explained and he replied, “Oh I get it you are a four-star shopper.” I had never heard the term before and was confused. He answered saying “A person that only buys things with four-star ratings and up.” I said, “Yes, I guess I am.” I was not able to find the headphones I wanted at the store but I left with some great insight. Looking back over this experience and much more from the past I have come to recognize some people want 5 star lives yet they stay in the 1 to 2-star zones.
This all can be applied to life in so many ways. The experience at the store is so like many other experiences all around us. We want to know the answers. Technology is here hate it or love it and it does help us to become great shoppers for better or worse. When we consider purchasing an item we can check the reviews, compare prices, see videos of the item being used and also look at the star ratings. We can even purchase, gift wrap and have the item delivered without even leaving home. All this access leads encourages us to want to know more. This is not necessarily a bad thing but also knowing and trusting the experience even if we do not know all the answers isn’t a bad thing.

How does knowing help

What does knowing all this information do? Clearly, it helps us to make a well-informed decision. It gives us confidence in our purchase and we know what we are getting. Once we know all the facts we can make the next step. When we know all the information we can move. We make the purchase. We can get the stuff. Choose the place. Make steps and take action. We get what we expected. We get what we want.

The tricky part   

You can’t always get what you want. There are twist and turns in life. There are many things that happen that we plan for. Things we have been waiting for or working hard to achieve. The twist is we must learn to be accepting of the situations that are sometimes uncomfortable or unwanted. The unfortunate events that happen that sometimes are hard to bounce back from helping to develop our character. Some may say these moments in life are called “accidents” or “bad luck”. A great question to think about is “What would happen in our lives if we saw these life difficulties as moments to enhance “star growth”? These moments could be viewed as opportunities to enhance our ratings. Use these difficulties and challenges as teaching tools and stepping stones to personal growth as opposed to the later. Not that we are being rated by others but that we increase the value and knowledge of our self.

 What would happen if we saw these moments as redirection?

The Challenge

If we recognize that by knowing all this information and insight it helps us to be more comfortable. It is also helpful to understand that in not knowing all the answer we can be practicing increasing our “star growth” by trusting the experience. To become people that welcome the journey and the experience. This would mean that we allow ourselves to become familiar with life in sometimes the most unusual or unexpected terms.
By the way, I received some great headphones in the mail and will be out running again shortly.

Reflection question?

What is holding you back from improving?

Personal Challenge

Do something about the things that have been holding you back.



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