Living a Life Without Limits

Living a life without limits

Once YOU become fearless you become limitless. -Unknown


I love this quote! I also love the movie Limitless when it came to Netflix I watched it several times. No spoilers here, however, I will share one quick part there is no magic pill to take to help us turn things around but there is you. You yourself can turn things around in your life exponentially when you become fearless.

Step outside the box

Being fearless means stepping outside our comfort zone and truly embracing life. Of course, I would not want you to hurt yourself at the same time I do want you to be daring. Be so doggone audacious about your dreams that it amazes you. Don’t only dream it but DO IT! Many times I hear the anxieties, depression, and stress that comes from the stories of many people saying “I did everything the way I was supposed to and things have not worked out the way I wanted.” Success is not charted out in this simple cookie cutter format. We’ve gotta go through some stuff, get dirty, get in it to make it happen. Get out of ourselves, our heads and minds to turn things upside down and make it happen. It may be scary; it may cause fear, anxiety, upset stomachs and a little bit more but it can also be amazing! Being fearless can mean being adventurous.


Adapt and adjust

My graduate students hear me say this frequently as a former control freak being able to adapt is key. Yes, it would be nice if everything had its perfect place at every moment and things happen according to plan all the time. While working on a college campus and living in everyday life I recognized quite quickly anything and I do mean anything can happen. I had to let go an adapt. Part of being fearless is being able to accept the twist and turns that life sends us. It would be great if you could schedule for everything in life however that’s not how it works. Yes, I still love structure and order, however, I recognize that just doesn’t always happen. Practice adapting to the many things that come your way. Make adjustments as needed to move towards your success.


Eat life up

Many times fear can stop us from moving forward. Fear can stop us from taking steps or taking any action at all. Being fearless means that we also must look at what we gain. Be a Hungry hippo for experiences, life lessons, and opportunities. Eat up life!

Some of us tend to think about what we are loosing and worry so much about being safe and perfect that we miss out on great opportunities. In order to find out what we are truly made of we have to get out there. Step out of the boat of fear and into the world of opportunity.


I challenge you to do something different and live life more boldly!

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