Online Counseling

Tele counseling

Online Counseling

Online counseling services are ONLY available to Texas residents only.

  • Do you live in Texas
  • Are you looking for a simple way to talk to someone about your concerns
  • Do you need a simple convenient way to start counseling
  • Are willing to make positive changes
  • Do you want privacy and confidentiality while working through your concerns
  • Do you need someone that is non-judgmental and helpful to listen to you
At this time only Angel M. Hoodye offers online counseling.



How online counseling works – You don’t need fancy software or equipment.

Flourishing Hope Counseling wants to reach clients in creative convenient ways. We are proud to share online counseling with you. We use a secure portal (HIPPA compliant), that is private and professional. You get to have amazing counseling via your phone, tablet, computer. We will talk, do activities and work through your concerns as if you were sitting on one of our comfy couches in our private practice. We don’t let distance limit you from making life-changing breakthroughs.


Here’s the layout

The counselor will send you a link for the session to your email. Before you start your sessions choose a private place that is well lit and quiet for the session. This will prevent interruptions during your session.
If you select email notification you will simply click the link and type your name in the appropriate space. The counselor will be notified you’re in the virtual “waiting room” and ready to start the session. The counselor can then open the online counseling window and start the session with you.
If you select to use a mobile device or tablet simply download the app “ from your app store.
  • Cut and paste the link the counselor sent you into the check-in space.
  • Type in your name where it asks, to notify the counselor you are ready for your session.


Payment –is quick, easy and convenient

  • We accept your payment online –all major credit cards and health savings accounts (HSA) cards
  • You can log into the client portal for your receipt

Photo above “Relax” by Pierre Wolfer, is licensed under (CC BY-ND 2.0) 


Flourishing Hope Counseling PLLC a local Kingsville, TX private practice.

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