Prepping for the Best School Year Ever

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Prepping Tips for the Best School Year Ever


Here we are rapidly approaching the beginning of another school year. This article will help you discover some great new ways you and your family can prepare for the best school year ever! You will find some oldies but goodies on this list. These tips will help you to start off strong and if you keep it up you will be well on your way to an amazing school year. Here’s to wishing each one of you the very best school year.


  1. A budget for the weekly expenses lunch, field trips and more.
  2. Get back to school bedtime before school starts to smooth the transition.
  3. Get the babysitter lined up and provide them the schedule you all will need to follow.
  4. Plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  5. Layout clothes the night before.
  6. Set the alarm clocks.
  7. Use a planner or schedule book.
  8. Schedule any doctor’s appointments before school starts.
  9. Write out the school calendar for the month to prepare ahead of time. If you dare write out the entire year.
  10. Gather the list of supplies needed for school before the first day. Of course, purchase those items and prepare the backpacks. Have your child help you do this.
  11. Make an emergency list of phone numbers and addresses to put in each child’s’ backpack.
  12. Clean the house to prepare for the new school year.
  13. Prepare ahead of time encouraging messages to place in backpacks and lunch bags throughout the year.
  14. Clean out the closets and make room for the uniforms and school clothes for the new school year.
  15. Create a space at home for homework time.
  16. Have a basket to turn homework, permission slips, etc. in for you to
  17. Prepare a
  18. Take a break from all the prepping. You do not have to do everything in one day.
  19. Stay hopeful and positive.
  20. Have fun and enjoy the ride.
  21. Make an arts and craft project for the teacher.
  22. Create a morning checklist for out the door task.
  23. Build an evening checklist for closing down the day.
  24. Have family meetings prior to school about any concerns, changes and goals.
  25. Make a to-do list for the big first day.
  26. Pack the camera or cell phone to take lots of photos, make room on the devices if you have not printed in a while.
Bonus:      Practice patience and practice kindness.


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