Real Change Requires Real Change

Flourishing Hope Counseling Real Chnage Requires Real Change

 Real Change Requires Real Change

This article is for those of you that desire to make a change in your lives but are finding it hard to do. It’s for people that desire positive changes yet they are not making it happen. My hope is that this post will inspire you to make the changes that you want to see happen in your life. Get up, move forward and accomplish the things you have been talking about. It’s a gentle push to encourage you to stop putting off your dreams and make them happen!

Many people talk a good game but there are an exceptional few that take action. Years past in a church group a friend of mine who is a coached shared something that she saw on a t-Shirt from an opposing team that read “Real Sacrifice Requires Real Sacrifice.” She shared how the words had inspired her and I could not help but be inspired by it myself. I am still reminded of that message today. I love learning new things but not just hearing about them but applying them to my real life experiences. The shirts the students wore on that day more than likely have faded, been tossed away or are long gone yet the message on the shirts still stands strong. “Real Sacrifice Requires Real Sacrifice” it’s worth repeating.

When I think of applying the words to other aspects of life the words “Real Change Requires Real Change” comes to mind. What does it all mean? Basically, it is saying we must make a real change if we want real change to happen in our lives. This means there is no room for faking or pretending. If a person wants something then they must make real efforts to accomplish their goals. Without taking action, talking and dreaming will bloom no results. This being said it important to share that we must also have a patience as we pursue our happiness. The understanding that sometimes things take a while or may require adjustments in order for things to fully develop. It may not be an easy road towards what you want.

This statement above can be applied to many aspects of life such as:

  • Real leadership requires real leadership
  • Real commitment requires real commitment
  • Real love requires real love
  • Real change requires real change

I challenge you to go beyond where you are, do something different that will put you in a forward motion. Go out and get what you want. Create the picture in your mind that you want to see happening. Take some quiet time and plan out steps to make progress. Take those plans and turn them into action. You have the power to make positive changes happen in your life. You may need some help from other supportive people or people that are more knowledgeable in some areas. Think about the benefits of the changes you want to make. Take hold of the paint brush in your life and color the canvas in a way that truly makes you happy. Create your own masterpiece!

Reflection questions to think about in making your change are:

  • What real change do you want to make?
  • How bad do you want it?
  • How far are you willing to go?
  • What will happen if you make no progress?
  • What steps can you take?


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