Remaining Positive No Matter What

PositivityIf you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm. ~Frank Lane

Recently the city where I live experience a very strong weather storm. There was tons of lighting, rain, and thunder. I heard the rustling of the leaves on trees and wind swirling all around. I lay in my bed resting safe and secure. I have always liked the sound of the rain and thunder. I was up for a bit to hear Mother Nature do her work, only to fall back to sleep quickly. The next day when I arose to the sun was shining.  Eventually, like always the weather became hot as it does here in Texas. I thought about how amazing it was that just the night before a storm was raging. On the next day, I saw remnants of storm debris but nothing as serious at what could have been. How many times in life have you experienced a storm? Everyone has a story and many storms (big and small) they have experienced over their lifetime. We may not know the exact details but rest assured there are some triumphant moments.


In life, you will experience many storms. Learning how to handle the storms life brings will make you a stronger person. Discover ways to find your sunshine again. If you haven’t been shining then this can be an intro to a whole new life. Become aware of the signs that let you know a storm is on the rise. Find great ways to move forward and stay positive when storms are raging.


Recognizing the storms of life impact

Warning signs that let you know a storm may be on the rise. It doesn’t take much to recognize the storms of our life. Becoming more self-aware helps you to prepare.


Warning sign
  • Physical health decline
  • Relationships uncertainty
  • Frequent negative thoughts
  • Negative self-talk
  • Being in an unhealthy environment
  • Feeling overly emotional frequently or no emotion at all
  • Withdrawing from social activities


Practice adaptability

Learning how to accept the challenges that happen when you are experiencing a storm as opportunities to grow can improve your outlook. Becoming more flexible to the circumstances you cannot control helps to improve your attitude. Having a ridge view closes windows of hope. Keeping a strict agenda shuts out the opportunity for growth. You may not like everything that is coming your way but learning to bend and move can help make the experience a bit smoother.


Learn to love your individuality

Just be you. Be your amazing self and nobody else, you rebel you! Remember that you don’t have to match up to everyone else. Storms sometimes make us lose sight of ourselves. We are not always able to recognize ourselves in the midst of the struggle. You don’t have to fit perfectly in any cookie cutter shape. Remember you don’t have to be perfect to overcome storms. Each day you have the chance to work it out on an individual level and face the storms of life in your own special way. A great way to remain positive when the storms start raging is recognizing how special you are as a person. You don’t have to own a certain type of item, have a specific type of look or drive a particular car. You are unique and amazing just as you are.



Accept yourself and remember your past accomplishments

An important part of learning to face storms is focusing on your strengthens. You may not know how to handle every wave that comes your way but learning to recognize your strengths helps build you up in the times of trouble. It is not always easy to recognize your strengths while you are facing the storm. Take a moment and reflect over past accomplishments. Think about what you did to make it and how you felt after you knocked that challenge out. You have it in you to do great things! You can make it through this storm. Don’t quit just now. Click To Tweet


Embrace adventure

Welcome adventure into your life. Instead of thinking “this sucks” or “I don’t want to deal with this.” Change that negative attitude to something more positive. Remain open and see what happens. Use the storm as a time to become more creative. Explore your strengths. Reach out and connect with others. Find new ways to solve the problems that have been causing you stress. Approach the storm with positive expectations. Know that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Stand up and go for it! Don’t let some dark clouds in life slow you down.


Bonus: Keep your head on your shoulders

Keep your wits about you. Storms can cause a lot of fogginess and uncertainty. When you are going through a storm you may start to doubt yourself. Obstacles in life sometimes cause people to question their abilities. I said it earlier, it’s worth repeating. Recall your strengths. You haven’t made it this far by mistake. Face the storms of life with courage and strength. Seek the solutions to the troubles that have been taking over.


Positive changes you can expect once you face the storm
  • Improved health
  • Supportive relationships
  • Improve self-image
  • Increased positive self-talk
  • Connected to healthy environments
  • In control of your emotions
  • Involved socially

Key takeaways

When you face the storms of life sometimes it will be ugly, scary and downright grimy. There is not always a perfect escape.  You have greatness on the inside. Facing storms successfully may require more work than you want to do. It is worth it because you are worth it! Facing storms may require more effort than you want to give. Real change requires real change. The good part is when you stand up to the storm you level up and see a whole new side of yourself. You have inside of you the ability to overcome and achieve. Click To Tweet


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