Save Yourself from Sinking in Negativity

Savings Yourself from Negativity

Save Yourself from Sinking in Negativity


An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. – Goi Nasu
I first saw this quote at a meeting and only the first part of it was displayed. Thanks to Google after only a little bit of searching I found the entire quote. I am inspired by so many things and people each day. This quote grabbed me and I had to share this with you. As I read the quote again I thought what a wonderful way to start that deep introspection we all need at times. Today I ask you to stop and ask yourself what are the things that you have let inside of your ship?


How our thoughts can sink us

Consider how negative thoughts sometimes slip in and ruin a day. The doubt we sometimes have in ourselves or others sometimes prevents us from moving forward. How we think about a situation has a large impact on how we behave. I challenge you to explore the things you have let into your mind. Think about the thoughts and actions that have catapulted you forward. Consider the thoughts that you have let into your mind that have knocked you down. Unhealthy negative thoughts can add to depression. When concerns are left unresolved they can cause anxiety and stress.Where we put our focus and energy has the ability to manifest. Be selective in what you let into your mind.   It is helpful to not let the challenges we face stop us from moving forward to our destiny. Great benefits can be gained when we do not let negative thoughts keep us from being our best.

The effects of what we hold in our hearts

It is a tragedy how sometimes when negativity enters into our hearts we are unable to receive and give love. Not just in the romantic sense but holistically speaking. Love for others, ourselves, experiences and the simple moments in life are vital to our happiness. The emotional part of you must be nurtured just as much as every other facet that makes up who you are. Sometimes we hold onto things in our heart that are not healthy for us. We sometimes do this to protect our hearts from pain and disappointment; however, it also creates a barrier from letting love in. It would be foolish to say that you will never experience difficulties, at the same time learning how to be open and find that balance with the things you let into your heart is essential. Heal your heart of any past hurts, so that you may grow and experience life in a whole new way.

The fuel of the body

When the quote is applied to the actual body I think of diet and exercise. I know you have heard this a thousand times before however, you will hear it again. Healthy nutrition (notice I did not say diet) and exercise provides tremendous amounts of wonderful benefits for us. Food is the fuel and exercise is the maintenance. If the ship is our body and we allow unhealthy foods to be a part of the body often it will have a sinking effect. Let us all add more quality foods choices to our meals. Take extra steps a day, get out and be active.
I love cake and that’s no secret however it would not be healthy for me to have cake every day.
Ask yourself am I putting into my body what is necessary in order for me to be healthy.

What’s in your world?

Be selective of the things that you allow into your world. Everything that we let into our world impacts us in more ways than one. Consider the things you hear, see, talk about, think and feel. Where is your focus and energy being directed? I am not saying to become hyper-vigilant of everything that you encounter. I am saying to make a positive change. If there is something, someone or a situation that is trying to sink you do something about it. DO NOT let unhealthy, unsupportive experiences control your world. I understand it may not be easy. It could be downright uncomfortable to let go or step out.
Do not let the ocean of life sink your ship. Do not let obstacle shift you from your focus. The challenges life brings are there to help shape and cultivate you. Don’t let anything get you down or get in the way of your happiness. If you keep living the way you have been doing without making any change where will you be in the next few years? My hope for you is that you envision what you can gain if you make a truly positive change in your life. You can learn from every experience you have had.

Action step:

Pick one of the areas above and take one small step to moving forward.


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