Simple Life Lessons Learned While Traveling

Simple Life Lessons Learned While Traveling Flourishing Hope Counseling 

Accept the shaky starts

I recently traveled with a coworker to Louisville, Kentucky for some training. I had no idea I was headed into a trip that would teach me some simple life lessons. I was super excited, all things counseling and networking! I love learning so any chance I get to soak up some new info and share I’m game. I’ve traveled several places so typically I can handle just about anything that comes my way. For the first time, I had a shaky start. We arrived at the airport early. When it was time to check our bags my card was declined. Besides being a little embarrassed, I was shocked. Things typically go well for me. We made some calls and things were resolved 15 minutes later. My bag was checked and I made it through customs.
flourishing hope tripWe got on the plane and off we went. We arrive at the next airport and our plane is grounded for repairs. The repairs took a little over 1.5 almost 2 hours to be resolved, we were on our way again.  We arrive at the third airport. There were no shuttles to the hotel. No matter what I am typically happy so after the first and even the second thing I figured there was nowhere to go but up. We finally arrive via taxi at the hotel. We shuffled our bags to the counter. My card was declined again. I had to use my own personal card to hold the room for that evening. I did not want to but I did. Later I got to my room and relaxed for a bit. We met for dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Make adjustments and roll with it

Throughout every day we are constantly being challenged to make adjustments. The need for adaptability never stops. In life, there will be moments that make us shift. We can’t be in control at every turn. Learning how to adjust and keep moving forward is necessary.  We have to make the adjustments and roll with it. Look at what you cannot control and learn how to adjust within that situation.  There was no need for me to fight it When it came to the shaky start of my trip. I could have gotten upset but that would not have changed anything. We can’t let the detours distract us from our destiny.
I spent the next morning preparing myself for the day quietly. I made sure to get down to the front desk and correct the card issue.  I sat down and had a nice breakfast with my coworker and shared some laughs. We mapped out the sessions we wanted to attend and we went on with the day.

Invite adventure into their life

flourishing hope ferry ride As we continued throughout the conference days I met amazing people. We shared great information and lots of laughs. I even got to take a riverboat ride.  I was able to get in all the training I wanted plus 3 extra sessions. I came back feeling even more effective. I was even more ready to get back and start helping people. The rest of the trip was awesome!
On the plane ride back to Texas I reflected over everything. I traveled over 2000 miles and learned some great things. Of course, I learned about all the latest and greatest techniques and things I can do to help people. On a more personal level, I learned some simple life lessons. We must learn that we can make adjustments and regroup. Shaky starts can be the rumblings of a great new journey. We must invite adventure into our life. We can learn even more than we imaged. if we stay open to adventure.  I can’t wait for my next trip!



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Photos were above taken by me Angel M. Hoodye