Simple Tips to Make Your Home be Your Sanctuary

Home Sanctuary

You deserve a break! After a long day at the office or handling the many situations that come your way heading home might be the only thing, you want to do. Finding peace and a place of relaxation is not only for the weekends but every day. Find out how to tap into your five senses and make your home a sanctuary.

Know Your Colors

Colors affect mood. Pay attention to the different color schemes in your home. Brighter colors can transport your mind to a lighter brighter place. Darker colors can bring a sense of calm and sometimes the blues. Having a darker colored bedroom can send messages to your brain that it’s time for rest and relaxation. Brighter colors in your home can encourage energy and uplifting moods.

Fix Your Furniture

FullSizeRender_1Check the placement of your furniture. In the living room is the focal point your television or the company you have with you. Making simple adjustments like where you place the couch or where a picture is hung can create a whole different atmosphere. Add in pictures of family and friends and shift your apartment into a true sanctuary.




Turn the Beat Around 

What are the tunes that are playing in your home? Some people may like the soothing sounds of classical music or nature sounds. A saucy Latin mix for a more energized mood like some Celia Cruz La Vida Es Un Carnival always gets things going. Some people may like the constant sound of the news or talk radio in the background. Music and sounds can change the atmosphere of your house. I can recall many Saturday mornings with my mother waking my sister and myself out of bed to clean while dancing to good music.


home candle

Freshen Up the Air

The smell of a good home cooked meal can send feelings of comfort through your body and to your belly. A glowing well-scented candle can send you into a soothing mood of comfort. Its funny how a smell can awake a memory or mood. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to set the mood and make your home into that delightful sanctuary that we all need.







Stock the Fridge

Stock the fridge with healthy food choices. Don’t forget to add some sweet and savory flavors to settle those cravings. Pre-plan your meals for the upcoming week to give structure to your days. Before you race off to grab some fast food ask yourself what is it that you are truly craving and see if there is a way you can settle that feeling with something you have in your home.

Change Those Sheets  

Just like how that comfy bed in the picture is just right for the Goldilocks that sleeps in it. Find a mattress that is just the right fit for you. Also, consider an upgrade on the thread count of your sheets. It may cost a bit more to switch from a 250 thread count, however, in the long run, your brain and body will thank you for the improved sleep.



Add Plants

The final step to making your home into a sanctuary is to add a few plants. Plants inside your home can naturally help clean the air plus the living element can provide a great touch of character to your home. You can also have a garden outside. By adding a garden to your home/sanctuary it can give you a great feeling when you arrive home and the sense of satisfaction when you pick a vegetable from your garden.



Action Step:

Pick one of the areas mentioned above and start creating your sanctuary today!




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Photos above by: April Brookins & Angel M. Hoodye