Set a Goal and Finish Strong

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 Set a Goal and Finish Strong

How many more hours will you spend scrolling through Facebook posts, liking comments, looking at memes and photos, and reading the stories of other people living the life you want. All this begs the questions, what is out there that you have wanted to do, but you haven’t made a true commitment too? What are the steps you can take to reach your next stride towards happiness? Many times in life we allow things to prevent us from reaching our greatest potential. It may be that we lack the support team that we all need. Perhaps past failures have made it difficult for you take a risk. A very common reason people do not make changes is a fear of failure. The dreaded thought of what if I try it and I don’t make it? Have you ever stopped and asked if I actually make it happen? It is quite possible you could be missing out on the most rewarding experiences in life all because of a fear. Fear does not have to overshadow your true potential.

Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution that starts strong and quickly fades try a S.M.A.R.T. goal, which is a specially designed goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (S.M.A.R.T.) just for you. This is a different way to encourage you to keep the goal you have set. Of course, we all know that it takes preparation and work to make something become fruitful. Consider this as another tool that you can add your toolbox of hope.

In understanding that fear and other factors may contribute to why a person stops themselves from being awesome, let’s look at what we have to gain if we start making a positive change. We stand to grow exponentially when we step outside of our comfort zone and achieve things that at one point may have seemed impossible. These forward steps stirs up something on the inside us. We awaken our potential. We bring forward positive changes when we start with the steps below that layout how to create your own S.M.A.R.T. Goal. Review the information and develop your own smart goal to go out and start making positive changes you want to see in your life.

S – Specific: This is where you take an “important time out” to spell out exactly what you want to accomplish. Answer the question of what you want to achieve. When you review the goal it should specifically answer the question of what it is you want to achieve.

Answer these questions:

  • What do I want
  • Who is involved
  • When do I want it

M – Measurable: This is your chance to count it out. Set a measurable goal. You want to be able to recognize if you are making progress or slacking when it comes to making your goal a reality. This provides wonderful insight into the adjustments possibly needed as you experience the process of positive change.

Ask yourself this question:

  • How much must I do to make it count

A – Attainable:   Part of goal accomplishment is setting a goal that can be obtained. Once you have set your eye on the prize we have to make sure this goal is achievable. Develop a laser focus on your goal and make sure it is aligned with your own personal morals and values. Take time to visualize yourself accomplishing the goal.

Answer these questions:

  • How does this match with my future plans
  • How does this goal connect to my values

R – Realistic/Relevant: As you climb the mountain top to success it is key that the goal you set be a realistic one. This goal must also be relevant to you. Beware of setting a goal too low, this may cause little to no effort to accomplish and lead to loss of focus and therefore not completing the goal. Also beware of setting a goal too high, by setting a goal too high it might become too daunting and leave you feeling discouraged.

Answer these questions:

  • What will I gain by setting this goal?
  • How is this goal important to me?
  • How motivated am I to complete this goal?

T – Timely: Time is of the essence the final step is setting a time limit to accomplish your goal. By setting this time frame it allows for the goal to hold more importance. The time limit doesn’t leave room for you to play around. Make the change happen. Create the life you want to live. If you do not set a time limit it is quite possible your motivation will fade and nothing will change.

Answer these questions:

  • At what time do I want to see change by
  • When will I revisit this goal to see if progress has been made

We all start out strong, motivated and ready to take on the world and then it happens, we hit a wall. If you have started making progress and then hit a roadblock. Take time out and refocus, Regroup and reset, Stop and check where you are, Ask yourself what can help get me back on track. It is essential to find direction and keep moving. One of the most important parts of goal accomplishments is having patience, both with yourself and with circumstances that may unfold. Continue to seek progress and positive change. Remember to recommit to your goal and yourself. Remind yourself of what you can gain by making the change. The time is now do not hold back from uncovering your potential and becoming awesome.



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