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Our Flourishing Hope Counseling office is excited to help you. We have counselors that can serve clients across the lifespan. Flourishing Hope has counselors that focus on:
  • New parent counseling
  • High School issues of fitting in, self-esteem, low achievement, peer pressure, relationships, body image, college preparedness, decision making, and study skills building.
  • Teens and adults that want help with depression, anxiety, life issues and social skills building
  • Marriage / couples counseling: intimacy issues, not connecting with a partner, healing post-affair, financial difference, and empty nest issues.
  • Adults taking care of children and parents.
We strive to offer the highest quality counseling in the Kingsville, TX and South Texas area. We make every effort to help you reach your goals through therapy.

If you have any questions, please call us @ 361.355.5558  


Sherrie King, MS, LPC Intern ~Ext. 700 

Sherrie helps struggling couples, individuals in grief, stuck adults and troubled teens.   

Throughout the journey of life, issues may arise that wound the soul. It is in those times one simply needs to feel safe and understood. Sherrie approaches the counseling relationship with a genuine concern and strong desire to help people. She partners with individuals to help them transform their lives. Her desire is to encourage individuals on their path toward healing. Counseling is a meaningful experience. It provides a trusting environment for discovering and understanding one’s true self. Growing in a therapeutic partnership opens the door to restoring hope and health to the wounded soul.


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Angel M. Hoodye

Angel helps distant couples, stuck adults and troubled teens.  

~Ext. 701 

Angel M. Hoodye, MS, LPC-S, CART is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S), a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART). She is the owner of Flourishing Hope Counseling PLLC.


  • Bachelors of Arts (2005): Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Double major in psychology and sociology. Masters of Science (2007): Masters degrees in Psychology
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor(LPC-S)
  • Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART)
  • 10 plus years of experience with youth, families, and couples in Kingsville, Texas
  • Emotional Intelligence Learning System (EILS) Trainer
  • Certified to administer, interpret, and use EILS assessments and learning materials
  • Question Persuade Refer -Trainer (QPR)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • She is a member of several mental health organizations state wide and nationally.

Angel empowers and energizes people who feel stuck. She provides them with the skills they need to create a happy life. In short, she is a counselor for people ready to make change. Her professional counseling skills have been featured in Kingsville Community Magazine, and local newspaper Kingsville Record. Her clients have called her “a real-life angel”. They know she truly cares.

Angel conducts therapy with families, couples, individuals, and groups. Angel also trains other clinicians through LPC-Intern (LPC-I) supervision. If you need help overcoming life difficulties, pop over and contact her to learn more about transforming your life.

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