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Anger Management

Many people have felt or feel angry at some point and time in life. Having a moment of anger is part of being human, it’s natural. Anger becomes a problem when it starts to take control of your life. When anger starts affecting your relationships, employment and life overall there’s an issue.
Anger can come from both external and internal factors. There can be other deeper emotions hiding under the anger. Some emotions that are sometimes disguised as anger are fear, hurt, humiliation, rejection, and disappointment. Anger varies from mildly irritated to frustration and rage. It is important to know that not all anger is bad such as in cases of injustice and unfairness. Discover skills to express your concerns. Learn the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. Find new ways to improve your relationships. Have better communication and fewer arguments. 
Here at Flourishing Hope Counseling, we want you to practice healthy living not destructive living. Anger Management sessions with our team can help you reduce your anger.

Symptoms of Anger problems:

  • Threatening others physically and verbally
  • Involvement with law enforcement
  • Reacting to small problems with emotional, verbal or physical outburst
  • Having a difficult time calming down from feelings of anger
  • Breaking / throwing items
  • Feeling angry frequently
  • Having the same argument and frustrations with different people
  • Having frequent disagreements with others (co-workers, spouse, family members)
  • Feelings of hostility and aggressiveness
  • Experiencing shouting and outburst
  • Having intense rage.

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