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Family Counseling 

Family and Parenting Counseling is available at Flourishing Hope. Raising children and having a family can be a full-time job. Partner with Flourishing Hope Counseling to turn things around. We can help you discover creative ways to address the concerns you have as a family. Family and parenting therapy can improved family relationships and communication. Using the skills learned in a session can help create or restore your family. These positive changes can make a stronger support system. It can also make a more harmonious home environment. There are different opinions about “good parenting”. Find out more about your parenting styles and skills needed to build a healthy and happy family. Discover what works best for you all as a family. Learn, change and grow together. Each family has strengths. Every family has qualities that make them flawlessly unique. We will help you find out what those special qualities are as a family. You will also discover potential pitfalls and how to be victorious over the difficulties.


Things families sometimes struggle with are: 

  • Roles and responsibilities of family members,
  • Expectations both realistic and unrealistic
  • Miscommunication
  • Handling changes within the family
  • Changes within individuals within the family
  • Sibling and parental conflicts
  • “Out of control” behavior at home or school
  • Preventative care recent or impending divorce
  • Step-parent or step-sibling relationships
  • Difficulty talking to your children about various issues (dating/sex, drugs/alcohol, internet use, etc.)
  • Time management
  • One or more family members dealing with individual issues such as physical illness or mental health concerns.

Prep tips before the visit (it is helpful for each family member to do this)

  • Think about what you want to get out of therapy
  • Write down a few concerns that have been troubling the family
  • Write down any key emotions or key points to share within the session
  • Remember to be patience with yourself and the family members in beginning the new journey into counseling.



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