Group Counseling

Hope Group counseling is the wonderful creation of Flourishing Hope Counseling. This is a bonus feature we are offering to the community. Groups are a lovely addition to an already amazing counseling practice. This is just the beginning! We will continue to add different groups, for various issues.
Self-Reflection & Self-love are some of the pillars of our groups. Our Hope Group Counseling offerings change regularly to meet the needs of our clients. If you don’t see what you’re looking for listed, contact us to find out about getting on our wait-list for a girls group tailored to your needs. Read more, below to learn how the group might be just the thing for your tween and teen.

What groups are like 

Group Counseling consists of weekly meetings where 4 to 8 individuals meet face-to-face with a mental health provider. Each meeting lasts 60 minutes. In group members find support, comfort, and connection. It helps to know that other people understand. There’s a common connection and an amazing opportunity to grow. The group is confidential and a safe place.
Each group has its own personality and scope. Let us find the right fit for your needs.


Pearl Girl Group for Self-Esteem (Only 10 seats available) 

Diamond Girl Group building Confidence & Life Skills (coming soon!)

Anxiety Group

Grief Group




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