Premarital Counseling

Flourishing Hope now has premarital counseling! We have partnered with Twogether in Texas for creating healthy marriages. You don’t have to wait until you say “I do” to make positive changes in your marriage. Here at Flourishing Hope we support loving, healthy marriages. We have added this loving element to help you get your marriage off to an amazing start and keep it there. Invest in your love now, for a life time of happiness.  Healthy loving marriages take work, we help you.
What happens in the sessions
We team up with you and lay the foundations for a healthy marriage. Discuss topics essential for a great marriage. We teach you how maintain your rock solid love. You will learn how to do the necessary work outside the office with life skills. We want you to be your very best together. Learn these amazing life skills to help propel you marriage forward to lasting love.


What you need to sign up? 
You & your partner + open hearts and minds =priceless opportunities


Benefits and advantages of attending
  • Skills necessary for experiencing a stable and quality relationship
  • Gain an understanding of the marriage mindset
  • Develop behaviors supportive for growing together in a healthy relationship.
  • Opportunity to prevent destructive attitudes
  • Experience an opportunity to improve unhealthy patterns
  • Unlock success through educational, skills-based approach
  • Additional support to promote a healthy loving marriage
  • Skills to handle distress
  • Learn how to adapt to changes
  • Develop a life-long learning attitude
  • Have the formal license fee reduced to the County fee (up to $60)
  • 72-hour waiting period waived when you present the state-issued course completion certificate for your marriage license application.


Special training and experience
Sherrie holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She is a approved in the State of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. Additional training and experience includes thirty-two years of marriage and over ten years of working with marriages and relationships. She provides marriage and relationship counseling using materials approved by the Health and Human Service Commission’s Twogether in Texas Program along with researched evidence-based practices.


25$ per session (for a limited time) call and ask for special pricing. 



Certificates are issued for premarital education; therefore, “Premarital Education Course” is stated on the certificates. Certificates can only be issued to couples who have been educated in at least 8 hours of the registered curriculum. 

 Ask for Sherrie!

Flourishing Hope Counseling PLLC a local Kingsville, TX private practice.

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