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Preventative Therapy

Preventative therapy is a way to help people develop skills to successfully handle transitions and change. Prevention is about stopping a negative response to something that is expected. Change is inevitable choosing how we respond can be adjusted.  It is fair to say that maybe we cannot stop everything negative from happening to us. However, we can learn how to handle struggles successfully. Learning skills from preventative counseling can help a person through the difficulties. We can learn new skills to help us overcome difficulties.

Some things preventative counseling can help with are:

  • Adolescence into adulthood
  • Adjustment skills for family becoming a blended family
  • Family reunification
  • Family transitioning into caring for aging family member concerns
  • Relapse from previous unhealthy behaviors
  • Relationship exploration and revisiting the dating world
  • Transitioning for the family going through a divorce.



Photo above “STOP ALL WAY”By: Peter KaminskiBy: Peter Kaminski is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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