Individual Counseling

You can receive Individual Counseling here at Flourishing Hope Counseling. We provide a confidential counseling. We have a safe environment where you can come and work through the difficulties of life located right in the heart of Kingsville, Texas. Flourishing Hope provides an opportunity for life-changing therapy for a person that is ready to make real change. This will a person a much-needed chance to learn, change and grow. This is a place where you can express your emotions, fears, and concerns openly. Not only do you have the opportunity to talk about your concerns, you learn skills needed to overcome the difficulties. You can change your perspective and grow into the person that you want to be. Here at Flourishing Hope Counseling you can be yourself and focus on the things that have been troubling you. If there is something that you want more of that is not happening we can talk about it. If there is something that is happening and you want less of it in your life we can talk about that too!

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This is the beginning session where you first sit down with the counselor and complete your intake paperwork. You also begin sharing your story. You start laying the bricks for a solid healthy foundation for positive learning, changing and growth. This is only the beginning of the great transformation that will take place in your life. Initially, it may be a difficult step to make and once you have taken that first step we are right there with you along the way.

Prep tips before the visit

  • Think about what you want to get out of therapy
  • Write down a few concerns that have been bothering you
  • Write down any key emotions or key points to share within the session
  • Remember to be patient with yourself in beginning the new journey into therapy.




Flourishing Hope Counseling PLLC a local Kingsville, TX private practice.

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