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Here you will find out what sessions are like at Flourishing Hope Counseling.
In the first sessions we complete the paperwork, discuss confidentiality, and we will begin to hear your story. We discuss your concerns. In this session, we will also look for areas of strength and improvement. We will explore what your hopes and goals are for counseling.
The second session is a continuation of your story and continued discovery of potential areas of strength and improvement. We discuss possible options and ways to make progress towards your concerns.
The third and fourth sessions are typically a time to explore what the focus of therapy will be. This is often called a “Treatment Plan.” The treatment plan will outline what things you would like to change.
The “Treatment Plan” outlines your specific goals, how we will measure them, steps to take in order to make progress, and what will happen to help you reach your goal.
The following sessions will focus upon meeting your Therapy Treatment Goals. We will discuss the progress and decide if we need to add goals or change them. We will also discuss maintenance after you achieve your goal. My hope is to help you decide when you are done with counseling, so that you can go on with your life and continue to flourish.
Together you and  the FHC wellness team can chart the course to your success!



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