Take Back Your Time, Say No

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Take Back Your Time, Say No

This post is for over committers, do-gooders, people pleasers and more. This post is about taking back your time and the power in saying no. Saying no can be difficult for some people. Although it may be uncomfortable at first it must be said there is a certain sense of power that comes with the word “No”. Some are uneasy saying no or not committing to things asked of them. Others find it hard to refuse activities they no longer find meaningful. This post is to help people see the benefit in saying no.

By saying no you, You are saying yes to yourself.

When we say yes to situations and people that we do not necessarily want we commit ourselves to situations that we may not want to be a part of. We engage with people we may not want to be around. We have experiences that are sometimes not desirable. We have involvement in things that we do not want or need. By reading this article you will discover the importance of making time for yourself and the things that are important to you.

Saying no can be saying yes to yourself

When we say yes and we do not want to participate in the activity we may complete the task with less enthusiasm. You may find that you complete the task but you do not feel the same sense of reward. When we start saying no we open up more opportunities to ourselves. Yes, there are obligations and responsibilities that we must complete at the same time making yourself a priority is very important. It is helpful to recognize the things that we make ourselves available too. It is useful to become aware of the experiences and how they have an impact on us. There is truly power in saying no. When we began to choose which things, people, emotions and experiences that we allow into our lives we gain a sense of autonomy.

What happens when we say no

If we have always been the yes person or the go-to guy or girl when we make this shift expect some backlash. We teach people how to treat us and if we have always been that person that said yes even if we did not want to people become accustomed to us committing. When we start to speak up for ourselves or make changes expect that there will be some ruffled feathers. One question to ask yourself as you think about making this positive change is; how will it affect me if I continue to say yes all the time?

I am not saying that you must always say no or that you should never participate in activities beyond what you want to do. This is simply written to encourage you to appreciate the power of saying no and the benefits that it can bring to your life.

The benefits of saying no

When you start to practice the power of saying no you get your life back. You are able to start making room in your life for you. You have the chance to start making time for things that are important to you. Saying no can be a wonderful tool to be used with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and more.

  • Saying no to extra commitments = yes to more me time
  • Saying no to other activities = yes to family time
  • Saying no to added responsibilities = yes to spouse time
  • Saying no to more obligations = yes to activities you enjoy

Ways to say no

  • I am not able to at this time
  • Unfortunately, I have other activities and or commitments
  • I am not at a point where I can commit to this
  • I have several things already on my to-do list
  • No thank you
  • No.

Tips and things to consider:

  • Consider your other commitments before saying yes
  • Think about what is important to you and why you are saying your answer
  • Ask yourself what you gain by participating and what you lose.


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