The Benefits of Being Available


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The Benefits of Being Available

What are we looking at?

If it is true our perception is our reality then I ask what are we looking at? How are we viewing the things that we experience? By not being available to life experiences we miss out on many great opportunities to be stretched and grow. Every moment is an opportunity to be great. It is also an opening, given to us to learn. There are many benefits from becoming available to life and its’ experiences. Changing perspectives changes our reality and that changes everything! I encourage you to accept the challenge of practicing being more available. Do something different, be different. Do not miss out.

What can you gain?

When we become available to what life brings we open the door to opportunity. This can be a way for us to learn more about ourselves. We can recognize strengths we never knew existed. We might even awaken talents and gifts that had been covered for quite some time. Building on these strengths can create more confidence, this unlocks the door to even more possibilities. You might find that there are some weaknesses. These can be better described as opportunities for personal growth. We may also gain a different perspective from others. We may disagree with people around us at times, yet it is still a great chance to gain helpful hints on how we want to create our own journey in life. We must listen carefully and see clearly too really embrace the situation. Every day and every experience is one in which we can learn if we choose to be available.

It is important to be open to receiving help. We all whirl through life on its wild roller coaster with its many ups, downs, twist, and turns. We can learn to enjoy the ride and embrace all that it has to offer. A common thing that we all need is support, sometimes is overlooked or missed. In being more available it benefits us to accept the fact that sometimes we may need help. A strong support system can help us face the difficulties that life brings. Others may have skills that we do not have. They may be able to see a situation more clearly or just be a listening ear. Building a network of support and varied ideas and interest creates more perspective and insight into situations.

Put it in perspective.

As I have begun to embrace life and the many different circumstances it brings I find myself more open and available to situations. Quite often I find myself asking a few questions:

  • What can I learn from this?
  • What can I do differently now knowing this?
  • What might this person be here to teach me?
  • What is this experience teach me?

When we approach situations with an open mind and a learners attitude things can remarkably change. Furthermore, it is possible that our perception of the events change. This change leads to a transformation in the way we feel. This, in turn, encourages a shift in how we behave. All of this helps to provide a stronger appreciation for experiences, people, feelings, and emotions.

Practice makes new possibilities.

When you practice the art of making yourself available you awaken new opportunities to and for yourself. I challenge you to try something different. Open your mind and heart to something new? It is quite possible it might turn out better than you even imaged.

Here are key questions for you to consider:

  • How am I available to this experience?
  • What have I been allowing myself to be available to?
  • What have I been practicing?
  • How is it working for me?
  • What can I do different now knowing this?
  • Who in my support system might be helpful in this situation?



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