The Truth About Improving School Behavior and Academics


The Truth About Improving School Behavior and Academics

I have many conversations with parents about the behavior of their children. Many times the parents are frustrated by the grades and behaviors in and outside of the classroom. I recently had the opportunity to read a blog posted by kcoulter37 of Coolin and Schoolin about citizenship. It was a thought provoking piece that prompted me to share my thoughts about how to improve students behavior. Keep reading to find out how we can change our children’s behavior and ultimately their entire future.
It was mentioned in the article how in the past citizenship awards were given out quite frequently to many students. Now there is a decline and shift in the attention to this character-defining quality. The article mentioned how parents might want to consider not only looking at the grades but the citizenship portion of the report card. I agree. The major question is HOW do we change our children’s lives in a positive way.
How do we improve citizenship?
How do we improve grades?
How do we help them have successful futures?
Keep reading the answers are below!
These days’ children that are not doing well academically and socially are in separate classes, alternative schools and other fancy titles to remove them from the class setting. This does not give the children the ability to learn how to socialize appropriately. Nor does it provide them the opportunity to learn to work through the difficulties that life brings. Yes, there are exceptions under which separate individualized time is and must be accommodated. In some cases, I find that students continue to behave in such a way because it allows them to avoid the situation they do not want. They simply may not want to do the activities, classroom discussion and reading you know work. There could be a million reasons why the behavior is happening. We may very well be indirectly teaching them that if they do not like a task they can act out and then be removed from the activity. Unfortunately, they may be separated and or locked away in the future that leaves them away from their family for several years.
We all know that just because the boss gives us an assignment that may not be at the top of our list of favorite things to do does not mean we can simply act out and avoid it unless we want to be fired. I believe it is fair to say we do not want to encourage such behaviors in our children.

Ways to spark the change lives

Community Service 

Have the child start to participate in community activities that help others. They are a part of the community and helping others builds character.

School and community spirit

Improve the way the child views school, make it relatable. Use real-life examples to help them see the benefit of them being in school. Help them understand how this can help them. Encourage the child to participate in school activities and exhibits.

Character development

You and the child can start practicing random acts of kindness. Be a positive role model. Praise the child when they model positive behaviors. Teach peacefulness with others older and younger. Create a spirit of cooperativeness.

Academic enhancement

Encourage improved grades. If the child needs tutoring help them to see the benefits of the tutoring. If the child does well in class or assignments make it a big deal. They crave our attention and praise as adults give it to them freely. Encourage the behaviors we want to see.

Attitude improvement

Help the child to develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic timely goals (S.M.A.R.T.) goals. Have rewards for when they do accomplish the goals. This supports the positive changes we are seeing happen. Encourage rule following and improved attitudes. Initially, make the rewards frequent then switch to an interment schedule.

Create Self-love

Help them to develop a sense of self-love and acceptance. Once the child loves and respects themselves they do better. If we yell and scream for them to make changes and they do not value who they are it makes no difference. Help them to develop a sense of respect for themselves. People that love and care for themselves act differently than those that do not.
Children are more likely to behave when they value themselves and see the connections between things. We may all struggle to make sense of the world and all that happens. Imagine what it must be like for a child in this day and age to make sense of the world it all.
How do we improve our children lives? We are to help them to grow in quality, self-love, and character.
If and when we do this they will become better children, stronger young adults, and even better adults.


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